The Most Important Thing which I learned from Amal !

Amal is the way to find yourself , who are you !

I learn a lot of Important things in AMAL ACADEMY , But the most important thing is to know yourself , Who are you ? What are the main purpose of the life . How can we recognize ourselves . If we know our self all the things done in a very good way , There is no difficulty come into the way when we are doing the things which we want to do and want to love to do!

The main thing i think about knowing yourself means that if someone know about himself he know his worth very well . He know the strength and and the weakness. He know better about his skills and abilities to doing the things .

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all the wisdom “

According to this if you know yourself you,ll do all the things easily , Its will be easy for you to choose the best one from many alternatives , Its gives you wisdom to do the things by yourself . Its will make easy to take initiative when you doing the things according to your skills and abilities and its make it easy and possible to achieve the things !

I also learn Positive thinking From Amal Academy which is possible only with the Great efforts by AMAL TEAM . Through positive thinking , reduce the stress factor, and creates healthy effect on the human life .

Thank Amal Team ! :)

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