Session Report


The game I played in class was King of Tokyo.

In the great land of Tokyo, Japan there inhabits a frightening amount of monsters with the power to destroy the world. Bequeathing havoc and chaos to the city and its citizens, these monsters engage in fierce battles proving who is the true king of Tokyo.

As this was everyone’s first time playing King of Tokyo, the first thing we looked for was the rulebook. Just by looking at the vibrant colors and unique art style of the board game box, I could tell this is going to be a unique and fun game.


In this playthrough, we have six players. I will be referring to each player as Player 1, Player 2, …, Player 5, and the sixth player is me. Player 1 will be the person to my left and Player 5 on my right.

Before we set up the board we notice cardboard cutups of monsters and realized we had to choose one as our character. I immediately looked for a monster which I deemed the “coolest” looking. That is when I found THE MIGHTY MEKA DRAGON! With his heat-resistant metal scales and sharp claws, Meka Dragon was destined to be the ruler of Tokyo.

The setup phase was quite simple. There is a small board where your monster will take control of Tokyo, your monster, your monster’s info card, green energy cubes, power cards, and six dices. With your monster outside of Tokyo, you must set his info card to ten health and zero victory points. We put three power cards face-up for sale. Then we see who rolled the most attack icons to go first — I got four attack icons, so I went first.

On everyone’s turn, you are allowed to reroll three times. Each roll you can keep whatever you rolled and roll the rest. On my first roll, I got 2 twos, a one, 2 energy, and one health. Not needing the one and health, I rerolled to try for a two to gain 2 Victory Points (VP). Unfortunately, I rolled an energy and a three. Testing my luck, I kept the energy and tried a 16.78% chance of getting 2 VP(getting a three of a kind of any number will give you that number of victory points). Unfortunately again, I got an energy and was unable to gain any points :(.

As turns continue, people entered Tokyo City and Tokyo Bay gaining 1 VP, and gaining 2VP if they’re still in Tokyo and it’s their turn again. However, being in Tokyo makes you vulnerable to attacks from everyone outside resulting in losing health. After four rounds, Players 1 to 6 had five, nine, four, thirteen, seven, and zero points respectively. Somehow I was unable to get any points throughout the last four turns, but I was the only player purchasing power cards. My power cards were Shrink Ray and Acid Attack. Shrink Ray allowed me to decrease the number of dice people can roll if I attack them and Acid Attack did one extra damage everytime it’s my turn. So, my goal was to get into Tokyo and attack everyone multiple times, so their chances of getting good rolls would decrease. However, class ended and we had to stop the game resulting in Player 4 winning by default with thirteen points and me being last with zero points.

Meka Dragon is just a mere peasant of Tokyo, but he will return…

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