I travel not to find happiness but to escape from the boredom.

“ I’m bored because my life is too boring. 
Everything is always predictable. 
There’s neither worries nor appreciation.
Everyday happens to be the same as it was.
That’s why traveling is necessary. ”

There’re many stories about how traveling could benefit your life. 
Some people knows more about themselves, some learns more about their life and some experiences more of the world.

For me.. traveling is the way to live my life unexpectedly.
Life that full of unpredictable events and people. 
The feeling of freshness that only be gained through living not thinking.

This is not story of a happy traveler’s life. 
It’s also not the important life lessons you’ve been looking for. 
It’s just the story of how someone become addicted to traveling and what did he learn from it.

I don’t expect this to be useful or inspiring. 
I just want you to get into my head and see if there’s anything that would be beneficial for you.

I would be so happy if there is.

My Life is Too Boring.

Boredom is nothing new in life, I’ve been experiencing it since I was born. But there’s much differences between the boredom I experienced when I was a child — and the boredom of an adulthood which I’m struggling with it.

When I was a child — boredom was the feeling that happiness is running out from the moment I live and all I have to do is finding another kind of happiness — but the boredom of an adulthood, is the feeling when there’s nothing left in the world that could makes me feel excited. It’s like I’ve been experienced all kind of happiness and excitement my life can provide.

I know almost everything that could happens in my life. I learn to be an expert about my own action and its consequences. I already know the taste of coffee I will drink in the next morning. I meet the people I’ve already met yesterday. I even know what I would feel if I went out to the store nearby. It might not be all true but it’s true enough to demotivate me. I don’t know how I could enjoy spending each day to repeat what I’ve done yesterday again and again.

This kind of life could give me no more happiness. It feels like my life is not moving to anywhere and it’s deeply destroying my soul.

that Feeling of Freshness.

the Freshness I’m talking about is the state where your mind is completely silent. When you stop thinking and start perceiving — listening and not interpreting. It’s like you’re truly free from your own thoughts, in the other hand you’re free from your own self.

I’m not kind of well-planned person. There are many trips that I travel without planning. This is the trick I use to gain the Freshness and be free from my own thoughts. I believe that If I planned the trip so well before traveling there would be less unknown things left for me, therefore the less I could enjoy.

When I traveling with just little information about the place, I’m free from my own perception about that place and see it as it actually is. I learn to stay away from my own reality so I could see another reality. the Boredom is fading away as I’m experiencing the new reality. I start to feel fresh again.

Live unexpectedly and Become another me.

In my ordinary routine life, Everything seem to be predictable because It’s a life that I’ve been making the decision on the same thing over and over again. But in traveling, It completely different.

Making a decision about the food which I don’t even know what it is, gives me a chance to experience the new taste that might be my new favorite taste.

Dealing with people I don’t familiar with gives me an opportunity to explore more about my own attitude and belief that couldn’t be seen in my ordinary routine.

Being an unknown person offers me freedom to be whoever I want to.

And the best thing is I don’t really know what next is going to happen and what it would feel like. It’s a form of hope —the hope that there’s something more for me and something I don’t know waiting for me. It proves to me that the world is still moving.

Or at least, it proves that there’s is another me who is still curious about life and excited to live it.