Tibet or no Tibet, I’m not buying it.

I like Tilda Swinton since she can just about become anyone and any gender, but I don’t buy this excuse.

If a racial Tibetan stereotype cant be used, for political reasons, to indicate a wise Asian, then there isn’t even any other single Asian stereotype they can dig into in order to still preserve the feel of the character but not the literal nationality?

Thus, the next bet is to simply cast Tilda Swinton playing a British woman as The Ancient One. Which I actually completely don’t mind. What bugs me is the absolutely ludicrous excuse used to go from Asian man to British woman.

If this was a gender swap done right from the start as a distinct choice to offer this to Tilda to play, that’s great. But this shouldn’t be a role that was otherwise desired to be played as a Asian male that because of political pressures, they couldn’t come up with a little creativity to not make the nationality Tibetan.

I’m not buying it. Something feels lazy. Something feels horribly racist that if we cant have a Tibetan as The Ancient One, no other Asian is sufficient. No amount of recasting to Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Laotian, Malaysian, Mongolian, Nepalese, Korean (even North), Filipino, Singaporean, Sri Lankan, Taiwanese (ok, maybe not this one either), Thai, Vietnamese and any of the other technically Asian sort of European countries will do. Nope. Tibetan or it just wont work. Yeah, that’s not racist.

I’m not buying it.