Book Review: Hooked — How to Build Habit Forming Products

If you’re involved in digital product design this book is a must read.

You’ll read this. Then you’ll hope your competition isn’t reading this. It’s that good. Stephen Anderson — Author of Seductive Interaction Design

I have read other books that tackle the same issues but this book does it very well.

Hooked shows you the problems dipping into the psychology of users. Showing how companies have tackled the same issues. In very easy to understand language.

Whilst reading Hooked I found it so easy to see how I could put in place or use these techniques. Even the most simple of websites or products I am currently working on will benefit.

You should at least consider what this book teaches you as your product grows from day to day. Hoping to increase the possibility of a user completing the goals you wish them to achieve.

Hooked does lean towards techniques that encourage repeat use. Hence the title “Hooked”. The principles can be applied to almost any product.

Over 50 bookmarks that I will refer to over time.

Over 50 bookmarks that I will refer back to over time.

You can get hold of this book at most good retailers but if you’d prefer to order it online, here you go.

Score 9.5 out of 10

This book is awesome. My own small critique is that the book refers back to social media and their techniques. Two or three times too many.