Thank you email to Amal alumni

Dear Faisal Noor,

I hope you are awesome. It was nice meeting with you last Sunday At Amal academy. I am writing this letter to thank you for Amal Mock interview. You spent your worthy time for us to learn how we can be interviewed professionally.

I really love your way of interview and feedback that you gave me at the end.

Amal is such a great platform for students to become professional as you are Amal alumni, you also know the challenges what we have to face for starting career and Amal prepare us for those challenges. It’s honor for me to having such a talented seniors like you. Your support and kind behavior towards Amal make me adopt your style of kindness.

I was really amazed when I was received specific feedback your side that you guide me about storytelling and introducing yourself at the start of interview that it should be 1–3 minute less, secondly I love when you said you enjoyed the interview and also appreciated me on my resume, cover letter and communication which will be always gave me confidence.

At the end I want to say Thank you for interviewing me in your precious time, it was truly a great experience for my life. You are doing a great job. In future if I felt your help may be contact with you for asking help. You came there only for us, i support your kindness. You are very honorable for us. I again thank you from the core of my heart for you efforts that will lead us to a best professional life.

I wish you Good Luck for your bright future, Allah bless you.

Warm Regards,

Warda Farooq

Batch 81

Amal Academy

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