The Language of Universe are Smile and Genuinely Heart

Bim Bim School, in which I did my volunteering journey as a teacher

Here is a tiny story of my volunteering journey, called “Beautiful Mind” Project held by Aiesec in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

As the time goes by living in this city, I start to understand many things about here and the people also. Day by day I can start to break my very first generalized about this city. Even lots of things drive me to hate, but I start to have more than thousands reasons to love and stay. I used to feel insecure when I go by public transportation, but I did it actually. I go everywhere by bus, that’s how I train myself to be more confident, and I also adore the price! it is (super) cheap, only spent 2000VND!

Well actually there was an unique thing happened to me when I tried to find Bim Bim School. Everything went well until the bus dropped me in Phu Van Tri Street. I walked for more than 30 minutes but I couldn’t find that school. The weather wasn’t so good, it was very heavy rain in a day. Until I came to a shop, smiled to the owner and he started to talk to me in Vietnamese and I said “sorry I can’t speak Vietnamese, and do you know about this address?” then, he just asked his daughter whose English is fluent, named Mandy. Luckily! Mandy wanted to take me to Bim-Bim even the rain was still pouring heavily, and she also took me to the bus stop. Gratefully grateful for that day!

The working days has finally come! I met all those children, actually lovely children. Only a word “Wow” defines my very first week of teaching. I love them all, I love the way the children treat me, and also the teacher as lovely as the children. Most of them can’t speak fluently even in Vietnamese but I love them as well. Sadly, I have no permission to take a pic and record a video of them. But it’s okay, everything they did to me is more than enough, because we did all the lovely things! such as hugging, dancing, singing, kissing, laughing, and also crying. I’ve never known before that happiness comes from a very simple thing like those all above.

I do believe that everything comes from a reason to gain a lesson. So, everything that happened this far has already teach me something. I do agree with Mr. Dee (someone who I met in the Onetel 35 Nguyen Van Trang District 1, he was also a volunteer to teach English for two years here, and now he is an English teacher), he said,

“The key to communicate with others are two, first is smile and second is genuinely heart. Both of them will lead you to communicate with local people, especially children, because children will easily feels your genuinely heart”.

We can conclude that, the language of universe are two, smile and genuinely heart. Because they both can be understood by everyone in this world.

I took this picture before the class begin and already have a permission from the teacher in chief

Wardatul Haifa Syafira Halim