Advantages of On Demand Warehousing

The dynamic of on demand warehousing has been latest trend in the warehousing and logistic area. While it hugely benefits the marketer, the advantages are equally cost-effective feasible and convenient too.

WareBnb offers on demand warehousing which works just similar as Uber and AirBnb. Owner will buy the warehousing services and pay per use basis.

The cashless economy and digital world as enabled today’s users and providers to carry out payments and transaction via an online marketplace.

How It Function

Warehousing on demand helps to widen network for the logistics companies and marketers without worrying and zero investment for building, buying or staffing the warehouse space.

Easy to own and acquire the space from other companies who are giving away their warehouse on demand in specific region or city.

Mostly, companies do not stock up the materials and utilize the space they required for a fixed period of time. This hassle free process is new approach towards establishing business in new location.

On demand warehousing allows marketer to expand their network as needed for the dynamic growth of their business affordably.

On-demand warehousing in India


  1. On demand warehousing generate more profit from unused space and build strong relations within market.
  2. This strategic shift on trend of on demand warehousing in the industry, helps to expand economy and establish new warehousing networks across the country.
  3. Easy to store goods or products closer to consumer to deliver goods on time and establish a more competitive Omni-channel strategy.
  4. Wholesalers and retailers have need for an expanded warehousing network; they are potential customers to target for on demand warehousing to earn more profits.
  5. As many warehouse manager can create an opportunity for the dynamic on demand warehousing trend in the city and country to fetch higher profit for the company.
  6. Instead of paying money for unused storage, it is able to turn into the revenue generating asset.
  7. Once, they own a storage space, they can make it available for as long as they wish to.

When you are thinking for on demand warehousing or logistics facilities, first you have to go with the list of cities that have biggest ports, warehouses properties and transportation.

Metro cities including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Chennai etc are one of the best options for warehousing in India as they have largest shipping hubs. With this, it is very necessary to reach rural areas or congested areas of the city without wasting much time on travel.

Major Challenges: There are two major challenges; we faced for on demand warehousing are:

· Inadequate road network

· Poor transportation structure

Warehousing in India is the most important component in logistics sector and it became a critical function when supply chain modernized.

Now days, warehouses not only offer safe and cost effective storage place, but also added value services including packing, blending, sorting, processing and transporting.

The Indian logistics sector is gradually shifting from an unorganized to organized mode. It is now dealing with high quality and modernized warehouse spaces that being developed.

The trend of on demand warehousing has developed to a substantial extent and teaming up with the faster internet technology too.

In the era of digital and online facilities are ruling the economy, and looking for cashless and hassle free transaction.

India has bloomed in terms of logistics and supply chain management with introducing on demand warehousing trend in the market which is very cost effective method to grow business.

WareBnB offers new trend of on demand warehousing in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmadabad to grow and build strong relations for your business. We offer hassle free booking for your warehousing in India and connect you with right owner for warehouse space with supply chain management.

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