How might we improve dish washing for college students?

My General Ideas

I decided to mind map my ideas so I could connect thoughts and build off ideas.

New warm-up game

I created a version of the well-known game telephone. Everyone starts with their eyes closed. The first person thinks of an action, ie “a monkey brushing his hair.” They tell this to the person to their left, who then acts this out for the person to their left. This person then guesses what the action is, and whispers this to the next person, who then acts out the new action to the next person, and so on. Once you’ve gone, you can keep your eyes open to see people acting out silly actions.

Before this game, we played zip zap zop and the first word to come to mind game. Since I was participating in the games, I didn’t get any photo documentation.

Session organization

Top (left to right): Claire, Dylan, Jack, Lolade // Bottom: Lee, me

I found five people of varying majors (journalism, global studies, business, chemistry, undecided), two which work at restaurants. We used the basement of Centennial because it has a lot of space to spread out. After playing our warm up games, we began brainstorming. I made slides with ideas to help with inspiration. The first slide was just random kitchen appliances, the next were characters to design as, then random words.

I also created my own idea inspiration idea. Beforehand, I drew random lines on note cards. They were each given a stack and had to create an idea using the line.

For the final 5 minutes, I had them each grab a handful of note cards with ideas and expand on these previously created ideas.

The 6 of us came up with 48 ideas in 30 minutes, giving us an IPM of 0.26.

Sorting and voting

All the cards were laid on the floor and silently sorted into groups. Then, each person marked their top three with a star.

Total Categories
Voted favorite ideas

Top ideas

Idea Creators:

Dance Dance Revolution Dishwasher — Lee

Portable Dorm Sink — Lee

Sponge Glove — Me

Michelle Obama Compliment Drying Rack — Lee

Foam Soap Spray Gun — Dylan

Dish Disposal Bot — Jack

Heated Spatula Cover — Me

Dishwasher Drawers — Me

Dish Vacuum — Claire

Germ Seeing Glasses — Jack

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