Connecting With People Through Food

Traveling definitely is and always has been at the top of my bucket list. Wherever, whenever. I’ll always be ready. Most people love traveling because it’s liberating; you experience new things, meet new people, learn about various religions and cultures, explore new art and architecture, celebrate new festivals, etc.

I haven't travelled much but I think the most exciting aspect of traveling is food! Food has always been known to connect people. It brings people together in the most heart warming way. What would be better than getting the chance to meet new people and connecting with them through the food they enjoy daily.

The luxury of being able to taste different food from around the world, not the expensive kind that's served in small portions in fancy restaurants, no, I'm talking about the food that people eat everyday, the kind of food that tells a story, or many stories, the kind of food that people are comfortable eating, the kind of food that gives you a taste of a country's history and it's roots, street food or the food that is cooked by mothers with the help of an old family recipe, written in a rusty old notebook. Some dishes say more about a place than just what foods are eaten there. If you look a little closer, they reveal an inside truth about who they nourish and can be an up-close lens on a place's history. Foods draw influence from a country’s politics, geography, climate, people’s makeup, and its culture
For a foodie like me, traveling different countries and tasting different food from around the world that tells a story about the people of a country, tasting different cultures, this would be the ultimate dream come true! Plus, it's important to try new things, it broadens the culinary horizon, and calibrates your taste buds.

Here are 7 foods from around the world I’d like to try:

  1. Traditional Italian Pizza

2. Mexican Huarache

3. Shake Shack - USA

4. Sushi - Japan

5. Pho Ga - Japan

6. French Macaroons

7. Trdelnik from Czech Republic