Golder Games Crypto-Gaming Economy Is LIVE!

by Dylan Sharkey, Golder Games Commercial Strategy Advisor, Former LinkedIn Head of Sales for MENA, Enterprise Ireland Alumnus

During the first half of 2018, my investment and advisory portfolio company Golder Games demonstrated to the world to the concept of crypto gaming with our MVP WAR FIELD: a first-person shooter where you can earn real crypto by playing the game. We also successfully sold out our Token Generation Event (ICO) despite the challenging bearish market conditions.

Unlike other “theoretical” crypto gaming projects, we did not wait for others to develop games on our platform — we put our money where our mouth is and launched with WAR FIELD fully playable and the Golder Coins fully winnable from day one.

We are delighted now to move to the next stage or our evolution — firstly, expanding the Golder Games Platform as a true token-based ecosystem and, secondly, by listing our Golder Coin on a top-10 global cryptocurrency exchange.

The Golder Games gaming ecosystem will bring together hardcore gamers, developers, and crypto-enthusiasts — all able to earn hard currency by doing what they love — building games and playing to win!

Win Real Cryptocurrency from Your Opponents, Raise Funds for Game Development

Earn Real Tradable Cryptocurrency by Playing or Developing Games

With Golder Games, you no longer have to be a professional to make money playing video games. We provide a comprehensive game economy that uses the power, trust, and transparency of blockchain to facilitate economic transactions both within, between, and beyond our games. The Golder Coin (GLDR) is an ERC20-compliant cryptographic token that can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain just like ether. The coin is both an in-game currency and an independent store of value for players and investors, alike.

Players stake Golder Coins on their gameplay. They can win them from opponents, move them from one Golder Game to another, build up their winnings, then cash out by withdrawing and selling their GOLDER on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Unlike other attempts to crypto-monetise gameplay, we are not relying on others to create content. We are doing it ourselves — starting with WAR FIELD, which is already live and has thousands of players earning Golder Coin. Next up we have DIRT FIELD, a competitive driving game, and Golder Chess — reducing the barrier to entry and opening up the ability to earn real cryptocurrency to all those with a competitive spirit!

Additionally, the Golder Platform will be open to game developers who want to add their games to our portfolio and be a part of the Golder Economy. Game developers can use the Golder Platform to test, manage, and — importantly! — make money on the games they create.

The Golder Coin (GLDR) Will Soon List on a Top-10 Crypto Exchange

In the coming weeks, we will launch the Golder Coin on a top-10 global cryptocurrency exchange under the ticker GLDR. This will provide liquidity to our players and early ICO supporters. It also provides a fiat currency on/off ramp to the Golder Ecosystem, meaning players can buy coins to play and cash out their winnings afterwards. It means that developers who build popular games on the ecosystem can cash out their earnings to pay team salaries and for further development costs.

As you can see, by allowing game players to earn real currency and by allowing developers to benefit from the high liquidity and wealth within the our gaming economy, Golder Games can be truly transformational for the economics of the gaming industry.

Stay tuned for updates on our crypto exchange listing, developer tools, and, of course, the new game pipeline!