The aim is to grow the value of 100 GOLDER to 1 US Dollar by November…and, later, even higher.

It’s March 2017 & You Can Buy Ether

Imagine, for a moment, what it must be like to be one of those rare individuals who saw ETHER hit US $15 back in March 2017 and, realising its potential, snapped up a few thousand back then.

You’ve heard the stories. Even with the ups and downs, had you done so, you’d be sitting on a small fortune right now.

Undoubtedly, there were plenty of naysayers. “Cryptocurrency is a fad”. “It won’t go anywhere”. “Don’t waste your money”. Probably that’s what most people were saying back then.

What do you think those people are thinking now? And how about those who took the chance, recognised an opportunity, and acted on it?

Life gives us only so many opportunities. There are those who let fear and comfort get the best of them. Probably they are the majority of people. Then, there are the risk-takers. The fearless innovators. Those who recognise value when they see it…and aren’t afraid to act.

Have a look at WAR FIELD. Two incredibly popular technologies — video games and cryptocurrency — brought together to create even greater value for gamers: the ability to monetise gameplay. To make it both more exciting and profitable for every person who has the skills.

WAR FIELD is the first-person shooter game that lets players win real cryptocurrency

You don’t need to be a visionary to recognise the potential. And, even if you don’t want to play it, you can imagine how the value of WAR FIELD’s GOLDER ERC20 (Ethereum-based) tokens will grow along with the popularity of the game that lets players win real cryptocurrency.

The WAR FIELD TOKEN SALE runs through mid-November. Right now, discounts on GOLDER are at their maximum. Every week or two, those discounts will decrease. The goal is to get 100 GOLDER to parity with 1 US dollar by the end of the TOKEN SALE.

After the WAR FIELD TOKEN SALE ends, GOLDER will be unlocked and fully tradeable. That means whatever you’ve won or bought can be traded and sold on crypto exchanges — either for bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, or cold, hard cash.

Their scarcity (the overall supply will be fixed forever at the end of the SALE) and utility (a growing player base and the addition of other games to the GOLDER platform) should ensure their increasing value.

That is the plan. And this is your chance.

Imagine it’s March 2017 and you are looking at ETHER.

Will you take that opportunity today? It’s right here in front of you. You’re looking straight at it. What’s it going to be?

ICObench’s Benchy rated WAR FIELD one of the top current ICOs