Money Is the Root of WAR FIELD

Well, cryptocurrency, to be exact.

A cryptocurrency that is ERC20-compliant (Ethereum-based) and works just like ETHER. That means it is not only useful in the game, but can be withdrawn to an ETHER wallet and traded outside the game, as well.

The currency of WAR FIELD is GOLDER (GLDR).

GLDR is needed to stake on your gameplay against other players. The winners get GLDR from the losers. You also use GLDR to buy guns, gear, and ammo at the WAR FIELD Marketplace.

And, once the WAR FIELD Token Sale has ended, GLDR can be withdrawn in unlimited amounts and is freely tradeable, meaning you can transfer or sell your GLDR peer-to-peer or on cryptocurrency exchanges for cold, hard cash.

The ramifications of tokenisation go beyond one game. Until now, there was no way to withdraw assets from video games in monetary form.

WAR FIELD changes that.

“Our goal is no less than a flourishing video game economy with its own currency. We want to grow the value of GOLDER as we develop the WAR FIELD game, adding other games to the Golder Platform as we go,” says CEO and WAR FIELD Creator Andrius Mironovskis.

“We believe we can achieve this by using the funds raised during our Token Sale for growth and development, and by fixing the amount of GOLDER forever at the end of the Token Sale. That way, GOLDER holders know that there will never be more GOLDER, and their value will increase along with demand for our games.”

To raise funds for game and platform development, WAR FIELD is holding a Token Sale (akin to an Initial Coin Offering, or “ICO”). The aim is to raise up to US $12 million. Some impressive discounts are on offer to kick things off.

Pre-Sale In Progress: GET UP TO 60% OFF!

“If you get in early and take advantage of the best discounts during the Token Sale and Pre-Sale, you will be able to not only use your extra GLDR to play WAR FIELD for bigger stakes and win more from opponents. You also stand to benefit from any increase in their value,” notes Mironovskis.

ICObench’s Benchy rated WAR FIELD one of the top current ICOs

Mironovskis concedes that there have already been some attempts to cryptomonetise gameplay. But so far, he says, those efforts have been disparate.

“Some offer players cryptographic tokens, but no games that use them. Others offer games with token-like instruments that, unlike GOLDER, are not real cryptocurrency, e.g., are not fully tradeable. WAR FIELD will be the first to successfully combine the two, giving players a cryptocurrency with value both in the game and in the real world.”

GLDR Airdrops Have Started: Want to Try WAR FIELD for FREE?

Last year the global video game market surpassed the US $116 billion mark, with more than 2.2 billion gamers worldwide. The market continues to grow by 10–12% per year, along with a secondary market for assets developed inside various games.

“Right now, selling those assets is more complicated and risky than it needs to be,” says Mironovskis. “We believe cryptomonetisation is the answer gamers have been looking for. And staking cryptocurrency on skilful gameplay, as in WAR FIELD, makes it that much more exciting to play and win.”

The WAR FIELD Token Pre-Sale has started with a limited amount of GOLDER being offered at 60% OFF. Discounts decrease as the Token Sale progresses, with the aim of reaching parity between one GOLDER and one US cent when the Sale ends mid-November.