Coexist with Technology

Today on #worldmentalhealthday are you coexisting with technology in ways that are focused and directed towards your values? Technological change lays a new foundation for the ways we live and we must pause to make such sense of that change.

Ask yourself: Do you feel overloaded or in control? ….Are you being controlled by technology or is it controlling you? Kelly, Levitin Postman, Rushkoff, Turkle, and many others make very strong arguments for the need to think through as Turkle (2004) puts it “beyond all things a computer does for us (for example, help with word processing and spreadsheets ) to what using it does to us as people” (p. 11).

Focus is needed today in ways that are threatened like never before. Using strategies and skills to leverage the ease of connecting today in ways that support and protect your values leads you to feel in control of your focus. It creates the context for you to have the mental space needed to create contributions that are fruitful and meaningful leading to positive mental health.

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