Know About Different Types of Furniture to Serve Different Purposes

Whenever you enter a place be it a house, office, apartment, hotel, restaurant etc what we first look at is furniture. The set of furniture in actual define the beauty of any place. It can literally make a place beautiful or not. The quality as well as designs of furniture tells about the richness of a place too.

Furniture is defined as set of movable objects which serve many activities of human and make their life more easy. For example — sofa, bed, dining table, stool etc. They are used for keeping things, sleeping, seating, eating etc. In recent years, it has predominantly become a decorative art. It can sometimes act as a symbolic of religion. Many a times the designing of the furniture reflects the local culture and art as well as woodworking joints. The concept of furniture is not new to our civilization. It was known to humans about 30,300 years ago. The people from early civilization used stem and bark for carving their own furniture. They primarily used stones and bone of animals to make it. The word furniture is derived from the word fourniture the noun of founir which means to supply or provide.

In early civilization of humans, they used 3 stumps to sit and rudimentary tables and mossy areas to sleep. Then about 30,000 years ago people started to carve their own furniture. The techniques kept on increasing and have reached to such an extend that everywhere we see artful creations and designs on furniture. A new word which has come in this field is Eco design. Eco designs are basically sustainable products of furniture which can be more trusted in terms of their usage. They are basically eco-friendly and their use is increasing day by day.

Following are the needs of furniture to be good and durable -

1) The furniture must be made with perfect measurements.

2) The back of the furniture must be cushioned properly.

3) The designs, if carved on them must be eye catchy and flawless.

4) The furniture must be movable and should be such that it can be packed properly.

5) It must be eco-friendly as well.

Following are the types of furniture which serve different purposes -

1) Hospitality and Residential furniture — These are the furnitures which are basically used in hotels, restaurants etc which are to serve customers.

2) Bespoke furniture— The furniture which is made according to measurements given by customers and his/her vision for look of the final product.

3) Resort furniture — The furniture which is used at resorts for pleasure purpose to rest like long chairs etc fall under this category.

4) Contract furniture — The furniture which is designed for use in offices, waiting rooms and lobbies etc fall in this category.

5) Luxury furniture — The furniture used in yacht and superyacht as well as homes which serve the purpose of resting and pleasure together is luxury furniture.

Thus, furniture has not only made our life easy but it also has served as an item of show in our home, offices, hotels etc.

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