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We go to war so you don't have to.

You Have to Play This 1,600-Year-Old Viking War Game

Especially if you’re a diplomat, soldier or spy, says one ex-spook

The Unusual History of Transport Bomber Planes

For nearly 80 years, desperate air forces have dropped bombs from cargo carriers

A Half Century of Half Aircraft Carriers

Helicopter cruisers were all the rage


America Readies Its New ‘Smart’ Nuke

U.S. Air Force to drop an inert precision-guided B61 bomb this year

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From drones to AKs, high technology to low politics, exploring how and why we fight above, on and below an angry world

Surviving the Lord’s Resistance Army in Africa — and fighting back. A nonfiction graphic novel by David Axe. Art by Tim Hamilton. Edited by Matt Bors.

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Chapter Seven

Iran Stages Giant Attack on Mock Aircraft Carrier

Tehran plans to swarm U.S. ships with missiles and speedboats

Indonesia Deploys Su-27s to Escort Death Row Inmates

Air patrols could be a political statement


The U.S. Navy Reserve’s Fighter Jets Are Going Extinct

And the admirals don’t seem to care


We Threw Military Electronics in the Trash—China Sold Them Back to Us

How e-waste compromises American war tech

Britain’s Ugliest Cold War Vehicle Is Back … In Ukraine

The U.K. retired the Saxon armored taxi because it’s an obsolete death trap

It’s Decision Time for the Air Force’s New Nuclear Cruise Missile

The question is—does the military need it?

We Won the War in Afghanistan—And Then Lost It

Robert Grenier’s CIA diary ’88 Days to Kandahar’ recounts America’s errors in Afghanistan