I’m consistently mind-boggled by the hate for TypeScript, or the claims that “front-end coding…
Jacob Johnston

Thanks for replying!

I would never say “React is better than Angular.” I’m quite fond of type-checking libraries TypeScript. I don’t believe front-end coding should be simple. I’m also not sure how Angular 2 allows you to “barely touch server-side code anymore” any more than React would. Depending on your architecture and team, couldn’t this be achieved with Angular or React?

I’ve been working on enterprise applications for the last two years, solely in Angular. In no way has the “complicated” nature of Angular been helpful to us when developing at scale. Two way data binding creates render slowdowns. Passing state around in controllers and services without the concept of immutable state or unidirectional data flow makes state potentially much more difficult to reason about in a large app.

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