Wait till you have to re-introduce form states.
Seungjin Kim

Thanks for your reply!

I also support both! As I’ve said in other replies here, your choice of framework is your own. The only way to make an informed decision regarding which framework you use is to have some knowledge of each of them.

For me, the way the Angular team handled transitioning from 1 to 2 (and then from 2 to 4) was very frustrating. Having a solid knowledge-base in a language or framework takes time and effort, and many developers felt like the rug was pulled out from underneath them when everything was change in v2, including making everything reactive.

In my opinion, the “Angular problem” is bad PR + high opinionatedness. Observables are cool and all, but what are my other options in an Angular 2 app? I can easily pull Mobx into my React project if I want to react to my state with Observables.