Major League Football, Inc (OTC:MLFB)Emerges from the Shadows as Fund Manager Holds 24% in Company; In time for NFL’s Return.

Professional sports are now preparing for the new normal as they work to salvage whatever season is left. In particular, the NFL is in the final stages in launching its season, to much relief from sports fans around the globe. The question now is, how do we add to our investment portfolios to profit from professional sports re-entering the world.

Top of our list is an obvious choice, but for very different reasons. Major League Football, Inc. focuses on operating as Major League Football, a professional spring/summer football league. It intends to establish franchises in cities overlooked by existing professional sports leagues and provide fans with professional football in the National Football League off-seasons.

What is most important, in terms of our investment portfolios, is that this small-cap company’s largest shareholder is the director of a well known Investment Fund, The Bedrock Fund.

Britt Jennings, now has a 24.4% equity position in the company, with zero selling in the last 5 years. In fast, Mr Jennings added as recent as May of 2020.

The most recent transactions by Mr Jennings. SEC FILINGS HERE

The comprises a significant increase in insider buying recently, which is aligned with the return of the NFL.

This warrants a price upgrade, as it is now listed under the investments that is related to the re-opening of Global Sport Economy (GSE), and we can see the overhead room in the technical charts.

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