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what boggles my mind is the way those of us whom our deeply proud of our heritage and the genius of our founding fathers and their unending and unyielding quest to create a very special form of government where for the first time in the history of civilization WE THE PEOPLE were granted UNALIENABLE RIGHTS against over-zealous government intrusions.

yes, with these UNALIENABLE RIGHTS came RESPONSIBILITIES because, alas, there is no free lunch. so what BOGGLES MY MIND is how the media and everyone else in the open borders lunacy DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY WE ARE SO PROTECTIVE OF OUR BORDERS, LANGUAGE AND OUR CULTURE of freedom from tyranny that SO MANY FELLOW AMERICANS PAID THE ULTIMATE price for…

WE, not YOU, are painted as the crazies, and to me, there simply is nothing more crazy then that!

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