The Reason You Don’t Make Enough Money
Florian Popescu

you start with an interesting and valid thesis…that ICs need to focus on customer “value” over just getting thing done, but then fail pretty miserably in giving any examples of how to do it or what it even means to focus on it.

what is “value?” it is more sales of course (the most obvious metric), but is it also a cleaner UX that the client may not like but the users will? its hard to put a number on that type of “value”, esp. if the client doesn’t buy into UX best practices and insists on 10 year old design ideas.

Asking for more money is just a proxy for how busy and how in demand your services are…it’s easy to ask for more money when you have 2 clients lined up already at your base wage, but not so much when your starving and not working at all…

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