Room 104’s Sydney Fleischmann makes her directorial debut as the HBO anthology series comes to a close

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Photo Credit: Tyler Golden/HBO

As Executive Producer Sydney Fleischmann prepared for the fourth and final season of Room 104, HBO’s anthology series from the Duplass Brothers, she decided to shift gears a bit.

Since the series debuted in 2017, Fleischmann has served as an integral part of the producing team. As the show blossomed, she grew with it, graduating from a logistical producer to overseeing the show’s creative vision alongside Mark Duplass. Heading into the last season of the show, Fleischmann dared herself to give directing a go. The final episode of the series marks her directorial debut.

Below, the 30-year-old accomplished producer reflects on her experience putting on her director’s hat for the first time, her interpretation of the finale, and what’s in store for her after Room 104 ends. …


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