Room 104’s Sydney Fleischmann makes her directorial debut as the HBO anthology series comes to a close

Photo Credit: Tyler Golden/HBO

“I think it’s important to remember our history, as New Yorkers and as a nation. And part of our history includes things that are tragic.”

Photo: Courtesy of Hawkins Family/HBO

“We are starting to see stories and roles open up that just wouldn’t have been fathomable even ten years ago.”

Photo: A Storybook Ending (Credit: Courtesy of HBO)

“It took living on the opposite side of the Earth for me to realize that what I’m most captivated by has been right here all along.”

Photo: A Rodeo Film (Credit: Tom Meredith)

“The shift in black women’s relationship with themselves compared to the past is incredible. Now we can look on the TV and in the media and see ourselves represented in all forms.”

Photo: DỌLÁPỌ̀ IS FINE (Credit: Helen Murray)

“There’s a rich, complex history and relationship between the hip-hop and LGTBQIA+ communities that cannot be solved with just one film.”

Photo: The Cypher (Courtesy of HBO)

“I enjoy tackling topics through Black male characters because I get to explore the intersectionality of patriarchy and racism.”

Photo: Black Boy Joy (Courtesy of HBO)

“So many people see themselves reflected in this documentary, and what’s happening in Stockton is incredibly inspiring.”

Mayor Michael Tubbs (Credit: Courtesy of HBO)

Jonathan Majors (Photo Credit: Elizabeth Morris)

Photo Credit: Tyler Golden/HBO

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