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As we have seen for 2 years, Trump is good at manipulating some people, especially the naive, the uneducated, & in this case, innocent children. What evil last weekend! His ugly “speech” to the Boy Scouts is another act of self-aggrandizement that pollutes the once great Boys Scouts of America. As an Eagle Scout, Silver Explorer, scoutmaster, & father of several Eagle Scouts, it was a tragic situation for those young boys to have to endure the egocentric, wild claims of a megalomaniac, orange-haired guy who would never qualify to receive even a Tenderfoot Badge. His lies, his assaults on women, his corruption, his business manipulations, his traitorous relations with Russia, his attacks on his own staff, etc. are all abhorrent. Trump’s absolute inability to practice scouting values in his personal life such as virtue, loyalty, reverence, helpfulness, & courteousness, are all well documented. His behavior widely observed through the years is the exact opposite of being kind, thrifty, brave, and clean. 
 Shame on the BSA for allowing this travesty. Shame on the Great Salt Lake Council of my state, Utah, for afterwards claiming it was good for our boys. No, it was an affront to the principles of scouting, the values of Utah, & American decency everywhere. After 50 years of financially supporting the BSA, I’m considering never writing a generous check of support as a “Friend of Scouting” in the future. I don’t want my grandsons & neighborhood youth to run the risk of being exposed again to such a terrible anti-role model. Who knows, maybe BSA officials next year will invite Vladimir Putin or O.J. Simpson to speak at the 2018 jamboree?

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