Devol — the Protector

Meet another Early Access sale Hero — Devol🤖. Read about Devol’s story below to discover how was created and protects Crypta! You can almost say he is Mech-Rex’s “brother”. He will be available in our Early Access sale with her Normal skin and exclusive Early Access skin. This will be the only time to get Devol’s Early Access skin!

All Devols from Early Access sale will be backed by 90 ENJ with a four percent opening rate.

Devol’s Story

If the Centrized were to describe the last enemy they’d want to face, they would describe Devol, the nicest robot in the world. You need help catching the train or carrying home food? Devol, citizen of Crypta, has your back! He can lift you under your arms and carry you to where you need to be with his jetpack. It’s a lot of fun!

Concept art of Devol’s exclusive Early Access skin matching Mech-Rex
But if you’re a Centrized, you’re pretty much screwed.

Built by Zolten (same creator of Mech-Rex) to help and protect Crypta in response to the invasion. Devol won’t stop fighting until it’s smashed into tiny pieces. But good luck with that!

It’s powered by the purest crypto crystals for unending energy. It’s navigated by the most advanced and adaptive AI on the planet. And it’s weaponized and shielded with crypto-forged metals and crystal that may be the strongest in existence.

So on one hand, Devol is the model citizen every neighborhood wants to have on every street corner. And on the other hand, Devol is the Centrized worst nightmare — an unfeeling, near-unstoppable robot with no corruptible motivations. Boy, am I glad it’s on our side!

Concept art of Devol’s normal skin

I want this awesome robot! How I get him?!
You can get Devol’s Normal skin or Exclusive Early Access skin starting November 10th. Here you can learn more about how to obtain Devol!

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