Vulpeer — the Hunter

Meet another Early Access sale Hero — Vulpeer. Vulpeer’s story below reveals why he has a deep hatred for the Centrized and why some call him the Hunter! He will be available in our Early Access sale with his Normal skin and exclusive Early Access skin. This will be the only time to get Vulpeer’s exclusive white Early Access skin!

All Vulpeers from Early Access sale will be backed by 21 ENJ with a thirteen percent opening rate.

Vulpeer’s Story

Born and raised in the deep woods between Astrium and Loclord, Vulpeer had to learn stealth and patience at an early age to help feed his family. Luckily, his mother and father were experts of the forest, and they were there to help every step of the way in those early days.

A master craftsman, Vulpeer’s father, made a young Vulpeer a bow fortified by crypto power, making the impeccable design indestructible.

Then he created a set of arrows, with points so sharp they slide through concrete like butter, and magic that make each one return to his quiver after being shot…if they’re not lodged in an opponent, that is.

Concept art of Vulpeer’s exclusive Early Access skin on all evolutions

And Vulpeer’s mother, she taught Vulpeer how to shoot, ensuring that it wasn’t long before he was catching fish in rivers while hanging upside-down from a tree at the edge of a mile-high cliff. Impressive!

But then, the Centrized came. They searched their woods for crypto. And they killed all who dared stand in their way, including Vulpeer’s parents.

Seeing the invading forces as the ultimate example of greed, Vulpeer dedicated the rest of his days to destroying the Centrized, returning all the stolen crypto to every planet it was taken from, and fighting against the evil ideology that so senselessly took his parents.

So if you enter the woods in search of fortune, you may find it. Or, you could become a pincushion instead. And you won’t know where the first shot came from until Vulpeer stands over you, the last arrow you’ll ever see pulled all the way back.

Concept art of Vulpeer’s normal skin on all evolutions

I want epic Vulpeer! How I get him?!
You can get Vulpeer’s Normal skin or Exclusive Early Access skin starting November 10th. Here you can learn more about how to obtain Vulpeer!

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