Monthly Dev Update — April 2024

Warped Games
3 min readMay 1, 2024

Welcome to the April 2024 Monthly Development Update (MDU) from Warped Games. We have lots to share, including these highlights:

  • Attended TOKEN2049 conference in Dubai, UAE
  • Applying the finishing touches on our intro cinematic
  • Implementation of Warped Universe dynamic environment balance
  • Heavy progress on turn-based and real-time game modes

Let us know if you have any questions!


  • “Warped Universe — Intro” cinematic video progress
    – All footage recorded and cut from Unreal Engine
    – Script finalized and voice over recorded
    – Finalizing editing of voices, sound effects, and music
  • Concept art development
    – Focus: Spaceships
    >>> Heavy focus on unique and original designs for Space flight mode
    >>> Must fit lore and story, materials, Warped properties
  • Cross-Genre Interoperability between game-modes
    – Same map can be played in both real-time and turn-based modes
    – Shared weapon types and effects
  • Lore
    – Focus on introductory gameplay script for four game modes
    – Conceptualize seasonal gameplay storytelling model
    – Prepare background story to release alongside intro video
    – Planning weapon types to fit lore and storyline
  • Real-time & Turn-based Gameplay and Environment for Ground
    – Level Design: Assets, textures and materials
    – Ground Environments and Map Iteration for Prototype
    >>> Each map shows a unique Warped Balance:
    >>> Real-time action mode — Low Gravity & High Light — objects and players float in wild psychedelic visuals
    >>> Turn-based strategy mode — High Gravity & Low Light — environment crushing down while displaying unique glowing characters and UI
    – Ground Weapons — Creating a truly “Warped Universe” visual design and sound for weapon effects
    >>> Character combat skills and abilities
    >>> Combat Effects — visual and sound
    – Ground Combat UI graphics
    >>> Improved animated dice rolls
    >>> Improved damage notifications
    >>> Updated “Available move” UI to look like glowing circuitry
    >>> Combat Camera tweaks and improvements


  • Additional updates to our Website — Video CTA on front page
  • Fixed issue with Open Graph bugs on website
  • Ongoing planning of component library / design system
  • Reece and Dom attend conference week in Dubai
    – TOKEN2049
    – Blockchain Life
    – Multiple networking events


  • Warped Games & Warped Foundation clarity work
    – Established US services and game entity — Warped Games, Inc.
    – Onboarded treasury signer from Leeward in Warped Foundation
    – Worked with lawyers to establish bylaws for Foundation relationship with Warped Games, Inc.
  • Ongoing work on our Whitepaper
  • Meetings with
    – Listing agencies
    – Market makers
    – Potential partner projects


  • Meetings with marketing agencies and narrowing down selection
    – Goals: broader reach of gaming in both web2 and web3
    >>> With new in-game content, game design, and lore, we can now show what we have built in a much more appealing way
    >>> Social media content advisory
    >>> PR publication
    – Focus on promoting intro video, partnerships, and game content
  • Created physical marketing materials — T-shirts, hoodies, stickers
    – Tested at conferences with success and heavy interest
  • 4th Live Q&A, focused on TOKEN2049 and game updates
  • Updated Art Assets for Branding and Social Media
    – Updated branding with In-game footage replacing concept art
    – Sync new branding across social media



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