Monthly Dev Update — Feb 2024

Warped Games
2 min readFeb 29, 2024
Warped Games — Monthly Development Update (MDU), February 2024

Welcome to the February 2024 Monthly Development Update (MDU) from Warped Games. We’ve made significant progress on the next milestone, our “Prototype”, which is comprised of the following:

  • Having a working framework for each portion of the game
  • Getting into a rhythm with our communications
  • Continuing to establish beneficial business relationships
  • Updating our web presence
  • Starting to implement utility for WARPED token

Let us know if you have any questions!

Game Development

  • Team access to development build
  • Cinematic intro sequence — Leaving Earth (Celadon Station)
  • Models and animations for the playable character
  • Groundwork for character customisation and cosmetics
  • In-engine experimentation of customisation and cosmetics
  • Functioning map for each of the available play-styles
  • Lore and background for in-game factions
  • Foundationalists and Luminaries visual design
  • Core gameplay mechanics for turn based ground combat
    – Initiative
    – Roll modifiers
    – Action point economy

Web / Token Development

  • Website overhaul to be more game focused —
  • Developing content management system for more frequent updates
  • Initiated development and design for token voting system concepts
  • Final presale token unlock on February 21


  • Working with Warped SRL law / accounting firm (GLC) to settle 2023
  • Working with CFO to plan treasury oversight from Warped Foundation with Leeward Management
  • Working with CFO to establish US based services and development entity
  • Hired legal advice and representation for multiple regions / entities
  • Meeting with CyberSecurity project for audits/protection
  • Partnership pitches/meetings
  • Exploring professional conferences


  • 2nd live Q&A — faction focus and questions
  • Warped Brand Guide implementation
  • Fine-tuning our social media and communications schedule and structure
  • Fielding marketing proposals
  • Booking AMA’s
  • Hired video editor with extensive game studio experience



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