Monthly Dev Update — Mar 2024

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3 min readApr 1, 2024
Warped Games — Monthly Development Update (MDU), March 2024

Welcome to the March 2024 Monthly Development Update (MDU) from Warped Games. We have lots to share, including these highlights:

  • Attended Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, USA
  • Partnered with Beamable (Medium article here)
  • Made significant progress on Intro Cinematic video

Let us know if you have any questions!


  • Warped Universe — Intro cinematic video progress (5–6 mins)
    – Collected community submissions of custom graffiti for use intro/game
    – Boat, oil rig, submersible, station — art and design iterations
    – Tightening up sequence scenes and cuts
    >>> Major focus on buildup to crescendo
    >>> Camera rig rail updates
    – Script rewrites for vocals
    – New station worker character
    >>> Station worker concept art selected
    >>> 3D designs of station worker
    >>> Added station worker suits
    >>> Added workers on oil rig and inside station
    >>> Animation of workers
    >>> Added station worker lore — i.e. polaroid photos
  • Concept art development — factions, spaceships, cosmetics ideas
  • Implementation of Dice Roll UI in-game for turn-based mode
  • Implementation of damage system (types + resistances)
    – Combat UI shows weapon information (e.g. damage and dice)
    – Weapons have set damage types and dice (e.g. 2d4 fire)
  • Ability for a playable character to complete a full turn-based combat with AI opponents
  • Beamable integration with Unreal Engine 5


  • Content Management System (CMS) deployed
  • Created APIs for reporting circulating and total token supplies
  • Researched user / game authentication options and blockchain integrations
  • Token voting design work
  • Utility refinement and documentation
  • Website gallery contest
  • Locked in attendance at TOKEN2049 conference in Dubai, UAE, in April 2024
  • Hired on new graphic designer for website updates


  • Finalizing U.S. entity for Warped Games with CFO
  • Warped Foundation guidelines and bylaws
  • Planned multiple meetings around GDC with potential partners
  • Established partnership with Beamable (Medium article here)
    – Allows for multi-chain connectivity with plug and play ease
    – Extensible game server platform built to scale out of the box
    – Unreal SDK enables developers to code complex logic in-editor
  • Continue refining whitepaper


  • Met with and evaluated multiple Marketing Agencies for hire
  • Binance Live AMA
  • Bringing the Warped Universe to Life — Episode 1: Portal Reveal
  • Created physical marketing materials — hoodies and stickers
  • 3rd Live Q&A, focused on GDC
  • New graphic designer to help streamline branding across social media
  • Attended Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, USA
    – 7 members from Warped Games attended the conference
    – Met with web2 and web3 game developers and studios
    – Presented to multiple potential partners

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