Monthly Dev Update — May 2024

Warped Games
3 min readJun 1, 2024

Welcome to the May 2024 Monthly Development Update (MDU) from Warped Games. We have lots to share, including these highlights:

  • Started working with marketing agencies Gelo³ and Crowdcreate
  • Partnership with Paal for Telegram Warped AI bot
  • Ongoing game development on Ground-Based modes
  • Preliminary game dev work on Space-Based modes

Let us know if you have any questions!


  • Intro Video
    – Teaser Video production and editing
    – Re-recorded some voice-over lines
    – Final pass on voice, sound and effects
  • Frequent internal builds for playtesting levels
  • Added system for cut-scenes
    – Added story and lore
    – Implemented UE5 Chaos Destruction System
    – Storyboarding specific cut-scenes for each level
  • Continued work on textures, lighting and environment
  • Continued work on camera location and movement
  • Working on Wormhole level between Celadon and the Warped Universe
  • Commenced work on Nexus Station
    – First pass at walk-around Solar System Creation status viewer
  • Turn-Based Ground Combat
    – Added new components to Grid Manager
    – Added sightlines to Move ability
    – Added cover system
    – Units can now have half or full cove
    – Added and tweaked cover based modifiers
    – Unit now crouch when in cover
    – Improved enemy AI to include seeking cover
    – Added UI explanations for target hit rolls
  • Real-Time Ground Combat
    – Added new weapon meshes
    – Improvements to UI
    – Testing how High and Low Gravity settings affect jumping and falling
  • Real-Time Space Combat
    – Commence work on Flight Map
    – Added spaceships
    – Added spaceship controls for flight and combat
  • Turn-Based Space Combat
    – Continued spaceship design


  • Website redesign progress
    – Ground-up site redesign for increased interactivity
    – New aesthetic to fit the updated brand of Warped Universe
    – Creating pathway for game screenshots and imagery
    – Adding new sections for community downloads
    >>> Wallpapers for Desktop, Mobile, Social Media banners and more
    – Adding new comprehensive interactive Lore section
  • Working on backend framework for use profile
  • New design system for future scalability


  • US Warped Entity established
  • Created bylaws for Warped Foundation with Carey Olsen law firm
  • Treasury signing & execution protocol initiated by Leeward Management
  • Warped Intern X/Twitter Account
    – Repurposed old project X/Twitter account to be a Warped Intern
    – Intern based in Warped Universe lore, on Earth (Celadon Station)
    – Releases new updates and “leaks” in a fun and unofficial way
    – Interact and engage in a more personal fashion
  • Intro Teaser release
  • Scott Brown interview and PR on CryptoDaily
  • Paal AI Telegram Warped Chat-Bot
  • Work with Gelo on Campaign for Intro Video
  • Blockchain Game Alliance Membership
  • Bit Rivals partnership
  • Working with Crowdcreate for influencer marketing
  • Interviewing/meeting with multiple KOLs & Content Creators
  • Continued meetings with potential partners
  • Guest speaker roles on X/Twitter spaces with more on the way

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