Monthly Dev Update — Jan 2024

Warped Games
3 min readFeb 1, 2024

Welcome to the first Monthly Development Update from Warped Games. We’re thrilled to begin this exciting journey and are committed to providing regular monthly updates that will offer insights into the progress made across various sectors such as Business, Marketing, Game Development, and Web Development. We’ll be covering all aspects of building games in this exciting intersection of Web3 Gaming.

We’ve outlined six key milestones in our development path, with “Foundation” being the first milestone we have successfully achieved. This foundational phase involves establishing our business and game studio presence, forming crucial partnerships, incorporating entities, and launching our WARPED token.

As we continue our monthly updates, we will highlight the achievements and progress made in each particular month. However, for this first update, we will summarize all the accomplishments made by Warped Games since its inception, covering the entire “Foundation” milestone.


  • Foundation (Completed)
  • Prototype (Upcoming)
  • Polish
  • Production
  • Launch
  • Future

Our updates are structured around four core sectors of our business: Business, Communications (Social Media/Marketing), Game Development, and Web/Blockchain.


  • Established Warped Games entities: Warped SRL and Warped Foundation
  • Warped SRL for Token Presale/Launch and startup maintenance
  • Warped Foundation for Treasury Oversight with Leeward Management, Cayman Islands
  • In process: Developing a Game/Services-focused entity under Firestone CFO guidance
  • Fully staffed with qualified, vetted team members via Fractal ID
  • Secured Funding through the Launch of the Warped Token
  • Established multisig accounts and wallets with safeguards
  • Legal advice and representation across multiple regions/entities by Cole Frieman, Carey Olsen, and Leeward Management
  • Hired accounting firms and onboarded CFO: FirestoneCFO, Yu-Ting Wang, P.C., GLC Abogados
  • Staff set up on internal email, documentation, communication, and ticketing systems
  • Key Foundation Partnerships:, Hacken, Hedgey Finance


  • Established accounts for communication and social media (select platforms)
  • Building relationships for Web3 and Gaming conferences
  • Brand and Marketing Guidelines by Creative Director with AAA game experience
  • First live Warped Games Q&A — 2 hours long answering questions and showing development updates

Game Development:

  • A clear vision of “Warped Universe” established
  • Selection of Unreal Engine 5 for development
  • Team Roles identified and filled to build the vision
  • Launch platform established
  • Source control for team members built and tested
  • A preliminary build uploaded to test the pipeline
  • Collaboration with a design studio for a test character model
  • Relationship established with backend web3 gaming server platform (To Be Announced)
  • Team expertise in Design, Development, 2D/3D Artwork, Writing, Music/FX, Testing/QA

Web/Token Development:

  • Domain Registration for and associated sites
  • Litepaper and documentation creation, including a Chinese translation
  • Perfect audit score from Hacken
  • Deployment of $WARPED Token and associated contracts
  • Our website was designed, created, and published with a focus on token launch and presale. We are currently planning a new website for our game studio
  • Successful token presale and launch in partnership with
  • $500k LP funding secured for launch
  • Liquidity, Treasury, & Team Allocations locked via Hedgey Finance
  • Initiated 2 out of 3 presale unlocks; final unlock in Feb 2024
  • Current focus on utility building
  • Listings on CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, and other platforms

We sincerely thank you for your support and interest in Warped Games and the Warped Universe. We’re thrilled about the community that’s forming around this project. Our commitment to sharing developments as we build and grow remains steadfast. Stay tuned for more updates and progress as we move through our exciting journey in gaming and Web3!



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