Navigate the Multiverse with PlanetQuest and win (and name) a planet worth $25,000

4 min readFeb 27, 2024


In the ever-expanding universe of blockchain gaming, one title emerges as a revolutionary force, weaving a tapestry of cinematic wonders and player ownership — PlanetQuest. Developed by a global team with roots in gaming, Hollywood, and programming, this free-to-play blockchain game offers more than just a gaming experience; it beckons players to own entire planets and partake in a multiplayer exploration adventure.

A Cinematic and Planetary Experience

PlanetQuest guarantees an unparalleled odyssey through a diverse universe. Players transcend the conventional as they not only navigate virtual landscapes but claim ownership of entire planets. The game’s distinctive allure lies in its narrative depth, a community-driven universe, and the groundbreaking concept of planet ownership.

The Unique Essence of PlanetQuest

What distinguishes PlanetQuest in the expansive realm of blockchain gaming is its seamless integration of storytelling, community engagement, and player ownership. Unlike traditional games, PlanetQuest empowers players to transcend mere exploration and grants them authority to own and influence entire planets. This cinematic journey unfolds in a dynamic, community-driven universe where decisions echo across the vast expanse of the virtual cosmos.

As PlanetQuest progresses into the future, its evolving storyline, shaped by the votes of over 250,000 fans, transforms into a trilogy of books and a spin-off graphic novel. Drawing from the creative minds behind Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, the narratives crafted by the PlanetQuest team, alongside community decisions, have captivated its fanbase.

The Cradle Awakens: Shaping the Future

At the conclusion of the first season, a pivotal moment unfolds with the discovery and activation of an ancient artifact known as the Cradle. This mystical object opens wormholes to unexplored galaxies, setting the stage for the next phase of the PlanetQuest journey. The dynamic, community-driven storyline sees players voting on character fates and decisions that determine the course of PlanetQuest’s universe.

Beyond the confines of a typical game, PlanetQuest becomes a collaborative venture where the community actively shapes the universe. Fans contribute fan fiction, design flora and fauna, and even curate their own newspaper, the Quantum Chronicles.

The Graphic Novel Experience: Bringing Stories to Life

PlanetQuest’s commitment to storytelling extends beyond gaming with the introduction of a graphic novel project. The community’s overwhelmingly positive response to its recent preview affirms the creative direction taken. With high ratings for overall enjoyment, visual elements, and pacing, the graphic novel becomes a promising addition to the PlanetQuest universe.

Looking forward, the team’s dedication to completing and polishing the graphic novel, coupled with plans for translations into additional languages, reflects a commitment to inclusivity. PlanetQuest is not a fixed trajectory but an ever-evolving journey into uncharted territories, promising continuous exploration of the gaming and storytelling multiverse.

Two Games on the Way: Experience PlanetQuest

In addition to the immersive storyline, rumored to extend into series and movies, PlanetQuest is poised to introduce two unique game experiences. PlanetQuest: Outposts, a lightweight, fun planet management strategy game playable directly from the browser, and PlanetQuest: Frontiers, a survival and extraction shooter allowing players to form squads, land on foreign planets, face alien creatures, and secure valuable resources. Early access to both games is expected to launch this year, alongside the upcoming $PQX token launch, making PlanetQuest a franchise to monitor.

Giveaway and Preview Extravaganza

Excitement surges within the PlanetQuest community as the highly anticipated Giveaway and Preview event for PlanetQuest: Outposts takes center stage. Players can sign up and participate in the upcoming preview, gaining insights into the evolving features of the game. The giveaway, a testament to generosity, offers players the chance to win a planet, including the main prize — an unnamed planet valued at $25,000, with the additional opportunity to give it a name. For further details, visit PlanetQuest Official Website .

Opportunity 1: For a chance to win and name the epic planet worth an estimated $25,000:

  1. Register for the Outposts Early Game Preview at PlanetQuest.
  2. Follow @JoinPlanetQuest on X (Twitter).

Opportunity 2: For an additional chance to win one of 3 exclusive planets Warpgate is giving away to its community:

  1. Follow @JoinPlanetQuest and @WarpGateX on X (Twitter).
  2. Sign up for the Outposts Early Game Preview at PlanetQuest.
  3. Engage in trading with a minimum of $100 USD, or deploy at least $100 USD LP pairs at WarpGate (
  4. By fulfilling these requirements, participants will become eligible for the upcoming Games Night, where three final winners will be awarded the coveted Planet NFT as a prize. (Please note that each wallet address can win at most once.)

Join us in this celestial adventure as we usher in a new era of gaming with PlanetQuest: Outposts. Secure your place in history and explore the cosmos like never before.

Planet Quest’s Future Plans

The journey of PlanetQuest extends beyond its current state; it’s an ongoing exploration of uncharted territories in both the gaming and storytelling realms. The community’s unwavering support and engagement ensure that every chapter of this evolving saga is filled with excitement, challenges, and the spirit of exploration.

Prepare to embark on a cosmic adventure with PlanetQuest, where ownership, storytelling, and community collaboration redefine the gaming landscape. It’s not just a game; it’s an ever-expanding universe inviting you to become a part of something extraordinary. Are you prepared to shape the destiny of planets and chart the course of a multiverse? The cosmos awaits your exploration.




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