The Prelude to WarpGate Tokenomics: Chapter One — Community Marvels & Airdrop Wonders Unveiled!

3 min readMar 3, 2024


The soul of WarpGate thrives in the symbiotic dance between our visionary project and the dynamic community it encapsulates. Today, we unveil the intricacies of our Community allocation (50%) and the eagerly anticipated Airdrop distribution (5%), offering insights into the calculated decisions and forward-thinking ethos shaping the very fabric of WarpGate’s tokenomics.

Community Allocation (50%): Cultivating a Flourishing Ecosystem

WarpGate’s unwavering dedication to community empowerment is exemplified by the allocation of 50% of our tokenomics. This substantial share is methodically allocated to propel engagement, foster liquidity, and ensure the enduring sustainability of our ecosystem.

  • Liquidity Mining and Yield Farming:

A significant portion of our community allocation is committed to liquidity mining rewards, acknowledging the pivotal role our community plays in upholding the robustness of the WarpGate ecosystem.

Liquidity Providers (LPs) can stake their tokens, unlocking rewards, while governance takes the helm, selecting incentivized pools to amplify the collective benefits.

  • Innovation in Incentivization:

Embarking on a journey of innovation, the WarpGate team is poised to experiment with novel incentivization models, including impermanence loss protection. Governance stands at the forefront, steering this inventive course in tandem with the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.

  • Ecosystem Enhancement:

A portion of the allocation is specifically designated to fortify and elevate the WarpGate ecosystem. As we encourage active community engagement during the bootstrapping phase, we envision the rapid development of indispensable tools, robust infrastructure, and educational content essential for sustained growth.

In a bid to further stimulate community participation, we extend an invitation for proposals spanning diverse domains such as tooling, infrastructure, and governance. This collaborative approach ensures that every community member becomes a pivotal architect, contributing to the enduring success of WarpGate.

Airdrop Distribution (5%): Crafting Opportunities for the Community

Concurrently, the WarpGate team is thrilled to unfurl a generous airdrop program, constituting 5% of the total token supply across three seasons. This meticulously crafted airdrop structure is designed to celebrate and acknowledge the vibrant contributions of our community members.

  • Warpers Leaderboard (3%):

For our esteemed “Warpers,” active participants in the grand narrative, a remarkable 3% of the airdrop awaits through the DEX Leaderboard. From bridging and swapping to providing liquidity and referring friends, every endeavor is a stepping stone to rightful recognition.

  • WarpGate Genesis NFT Holders (1.5%):

Exclusive details about the WarpGate Genesis NFTs will be revealed in the forthcoming weeks. This NFT journey will unfold in incubation and daily earning stages, promising an exciting chapter for those who hold a piece of the genesis.

  • Upcoming Project Launchpad IDO (0.5%):

Anticipate an additional 0.5% reserved for participants in our specific upcoming project launchpad IDO. Stay tuned for details, as this presents another avenue for community involvement and rewards.

A Community-Centric Vision: Shaping the Web3 Landscape Together

WarpGate stands firm in its conviction that the community serves as the pulsating heart of our project. Beyond the realms of trading, our community members are active contributors to the Web3 landscape, enriching both GameFi and DeFi ecosystems.

Patiently Awaiting the Full Revelation:

The unveiling of the complete pie chart of tokenomics, total supply, and $WARP vesting intricacies is a promise yet to be fulfilled. We extend our gratitude for the community’s patience and implore them to join us on this exhilarating journey at WarpGate.

Engage with the community, commence your trading endeavors, and become an integral part of shaping the future of WarpGate. Together, let us forge ahead into a new epoch of decentralized finance, where every participant plays a pivotal role in crafting the narrative.

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