The WarpGate Protocol

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WarpGate is a unique and revolutionary DEX and product hub that aims to position Immutable as the ultimate gaming index token for web3 gaming. WarpGate also aims to enable interoperability and composability with other L2 / L3 blockchains, aggregating liquidity into Immutable’s zkEVM.

In less than a year, we’ve seen Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and blockchain gaming grow from niche markets to an entire ecosystem that is setting new standards for personal financial and gaming autonomy and innovation. DeFi and blockchain gaming embody everything that decentralization and cryptocurrency is about. They allow everyone to access tools and experiences that have traditionally been the domain of large banks, corporations, gaming studios and platforms, without sacrificing autonomy.

The current state of DeFi and blockchain gaming is far from perfect and legacy Blockchains are not Ready for DeFi and Blockchain Gaming

While DeFi and blockchain gaming hold enormous opportunities, they are very much limited by outdated blockchains.

💸 DeFi and blockchain gaming transactions are expensive

In a short time, we have seen gas fees jump to a level that completely wipes out potential earnings and fun. Slow transactions exacerbate this as users bid up the price of gas, with failed transactions multiplying losses. As interacting with DeFi and blockchain gaming becomes prohibitively expensive, we are once again seeing common users left behind.

🧩 Market fragmentation

The nature of automated market makers (AMMs) on Ethereum means that liquidity is fragmented, and liquidity pools on one protocol are walled off from those on others. Without any central order book to aggregate across pools, competition by AMMs for liquidity is intense and users see no benefit from liquidity held on other platforms. This will also be true for shard-based blockchains, like eth2 and Polkadot. Moreover, the lack of interoperability between different games and blockchains means that users cannot easily transfer or exchange their NFTs and gaming tokens across different platforms and ecosystems.

🧮 Features are limited

Many trading and gaming features considered standard on centralized exchanges and platforms, like limit orders, NFT transfers, and cross-chain gaming, are difficult to implement efficiently on Ethereum decentralized exchanges (DEX) and gaming platforms due to slow transaction speeds and prohibitively high gas fees.

💡 The Vision for a New Industry Standard

This order book was built on Immutable, a high speed blockchain with extremely low transaction costs. This new paradigm presented a massive opportunity to solve the biggest issues in DeFi and blockchain gaming, by building a fast, efficient AMM that could leverage the existing Immutable order flow as well as supply the liquidity in its own pools to the rest of the ecosystem. Additionally, this paradigm also enabled inter-game exchange and interoperability with other blockchains, such as Ethereum and Polygon, through the IMX bridge.

With this in mind, our team got to work, and WarpGate was born.

WarpGate is not just a DEX, but a product hub that offers five core features to its users:

- DEX Trading: Users can easily swap one token for another on the Immutable chain with fast and low-cost transactions. Users can also place limit orders on the on-chain order book and get the best execution price across all liquidity pools on Immutable.

- Liquidity Pool: Users can provide liquidity to a pair of tokens on the Immutable chain and earn fees from the trades. Users can also choose to deposit their liquidity to the on-chain order book and get a share of the trading fees from the entire Immutable ecosystem.

- Inter-Game Exchange: Users can exchange and transfer NFTs and gaming tokens across different games and blockchains through the IMX bridge. Users can also discover and play new and exciting games that are built on Immutable, and enjoy the fast and low-cost transactions that Immutable offers.

- Farms: Users can stake LP Tokens or single tokens to earn WARP tokens as rewards. Users can also auto-compound their rewards and earn more WARP tokens over time.

- Launchpad and IFO: Users can join the pre-sales of new tokens on the Immutable chain by staking WARP-IMX LP tokens. Users can also vote for the projects and tokens that they want to see launched on WarpGate, and participate in the governance of WarpGate and the new projects.

🗺 What’s ahead for WarpGate?

The WarpGate team has more than two decades of combined experience in market making, arbitrage, and high frequency trading across cryptocurrency and traditional markets. The team began building WarpGate in the summer of 2021.

Q4 2023

  • Ideation and project scope
  • Development of the protocol and iteration on testnet
  • Tokenomics, Gitbook, and Roadmap
  • Contract Audit
  • Website launch
  • WarpGate Dapp testnet

Q1 2024

  • Dapp official launch
  • WarpGate Odyssey
  • Referral Program
  • IMX WarpGate Dashboard Wallet
  • Launchpad and Auction as a Service (AAAS)
  • Ambassador Program

Q2 2024

  • Initial Farm Offerings (IFOs)
  • Inter-Game Exchange

🚀 Evolution is Imminent as WarpGate progresses as a foundation for liquidity on Immutable, it aims to partner with other DeFi and blockchain gaming communities and provide support to build out their products on Immutable.

This will bring both additional liquidity and faster, more efficient DeFi and blockchain gaming protocols to the ecosystem. With the addition of external oracles, WarpGate will be able to incorporate additional flexibility and functions for future versions and features.

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