Unleashing Undead Blocks: The Apex of IMX Chain Gaming Revolution

5 min readJan 20, 2024


In the vast and dynamic realm of blockchain gaming, Undead Blocks emerged as a true pioneer, setting the standard for the zombie shooting genre on the Immutable chain. As we embark on this immersive journey into the heart of Undead Blocks, prepare to be captivated by its OG gaming roots, unparalleled gameplay, and a glimpse into the exciting new developments that the year 2024 holds for this iconic game.

Embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of Undead Blocks , a groundbreaking blockchain game that redefines the zombie-shooting genre on the Immutable X (IMX) chain. This immersive exploration goes beyond the fluff, delving into the gamer-centric logistics and unparalleled features that make Undead Blocks a true pioneer in the gaming universe.

Crafting Your Experience: Gamer-Centric Logistics Unveiled

Undead Blocks understands that every gamer is unique. From the very start, the game is designed to cater to all mainstream controller logistics. Whether you prefer a keyboard and mouse or the comfort of a PlayStation or Xbox controller, Undead Blocks seamlessly connects to your chosen device through Bluetooth or plug-in, ensuring a gaming experience tailored to your preferences. Dive into a world where in-game icons adapt to your controller method, providing an immersive and comfortable gaming session.

Your gaming experience, your rules. Undead Blocks offers a plethora of settings to make your gaming adventure as comfortable as possible. Bind any action to the keyboard or controller button of your choice. Adjust audio and video settings according to your preferences. Undead Blocks empowers you to play and earn in the way that suits you best.

Unity in Gaming: Gamers Who Play Together, Earn Together

Undead Blocks fosters camaraderie by promoting team play. In Squads mode, players will be able to invite friends to join matches, strategize together, and take down zombies as a united front. The Squads mode Daily Leaderboard Challenges will further incentivize teamwork, allowing groups of friends to enter contests as a team and earn crypto collectively. Imagine the thrill of securing the top spot on the leaderboard with your best friends — a gaming experience like never before!

Undead Blocks elevates personal expression with Weapon Skins and Character Skins. These cosmetic NFTs, obtained by opening Loot Coffins, allow players to showcase their collections as status symbols. Undead Blocks collaborates with crypto companies, artists, and charities, offering a canvas for gamers worldwide to create skins that resonate with their identity.

Undead Blocks introduces Zboxes, allowing thousands of players to compete and randomly earn Gold & Green ZBUX in VIP mode. With the addition of tournaments with dynamic leaderboards, players can earn based on how they rank against others. This innovative approach supports Undead Blocks ‘ goal of building a sustainable play-and-earn game, providing different options to Armed Survivors over their earnings.

Vocal Strategies: Mics Are HOT

In a Zombie Apocalypse scenario, communication is key. Undead Blocks plan to enhance the gaming experience with full lobby communication functionality through connected microphones or audio inputs. Strategize with your team, make real-time decisions, and build stronger connections with your fellow players. Undead Blocks will ensure a respectful and engaging communication environment, taking necessary precautions against misuse.

ImmutableX Advantage: Flexible Asset Ownership

Undead Blocks leverages ImmutableX for gas-less transactions, enabling flexible asset ownership. Each weapon skin, character skin, and item becomes a separate NFT, allowing immediate in-game use. Loot Coffins, obtained using Green ZBUX, unveil surprises, including special Undead Blocks game reward items with varying rarities.

Recent Achievements: Shining on the Web3 Game Arena Stage

As Undead Blocks continue to work on our backend swap functions, their game is still very much playable in its current beta stage.In October 2023, Undead Blocks were invited and showcased at Metapro at the Web3 Game Arena convention in Poland. They were nominated for a Pitch Contest and joined a live video meeting on stage presenting Undead Blocks to the crowd. Undead Blocks were also one of the Web3 games available at the Metapro booth, where hundreds of attendees had a blast playing Undead Blocks.

Undead Blocks doesn’t rest on its laurels; it looks toward the future with exciting developments in store. The introduction of a free-to-play version opens doors for potential scholars to showcase their skills to gaming guilds and arms dealers. The concept of collecting additional weapons using a combination of Gold & Green ZBUX adds depth to gameplay, incentivizing players to diversify their Weapon Loadout NFT.

The Call to Adventure: Join Undead Blocks Today!

As we conclude this deep dive into the world of Undead Blocks, the call to adventure echoes loudly. Join the legions of players who have experienced the thrill of undead survival, the excitement of blockchain integration, and the camaraderie of a vibrant gaming community. Undead Blocks is not just a game; it’s an adventure waiting to be embraced.

Embark on a journey with Undead Blocks, where every shot fired, every undead horde conquered, and every step taken in the game is a testament to the enduring spirit of blockchain gaming. Stay tuned for the exciting developments in 2024, and prepare to be part of a gaming revolution that knows no bounds. Undead Blocks beckons — answer the call and immerse yourself in the undead saga that continues to captivate players on the IMX chain.

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