WarpGate Incentivized Testnet Launch: A Cosmic Prelude to Mainnet Brilliance

5 min readJan 18, 2024


Announcing the Testnet Week

Embark on a transformative journey as WarpGate unveils its Testnet Week, inviting early participants to experience the dynamic features of the WarpGate decentralized exchange (DEX). This week-long event serves as a sneak peek into the GameFi and DeFi future that WarpGate promises. Participants are encouraged to connect, refer friends, understand Warp Points, and play around at WarpGate DEX.

  1. Getting Started: Connecting Your Wallet

Once on the Testnet, users will be prompted to connect their wallets. This seamless process allows them to dive into the cosmic realm of WarpGate and explore its myriad features.

Acquiring Test-$IMX Tokens: A Cosmic Treasury

Users could visit the faucet guide at https://docs.immutable.com/docs/zkevm/guides/faucet/ to acquire their 2 $tIMX for testing at WarpGate Testnet.

2. Cosmic Activities: Navigating the Testnet

With Test-$IMX tokens in hand, participants can unleash their cosmic potential by engaging in various activities on the Testnet. The SWAP page allows users to trade Test-$IMX tokens with other testnet tokens, ensuring a dynamic and authentic experience. Additionally, users can explore liquidity pools, provide liquidity, and even open trading pairs on the LIQUIDITY page.

3. Exploring EARN: Referral and Leaderboard

Under the EARN page, participants will discover the REFERRAL and LEADERBOARD sections. The REFERRAL page provides insights into personal referral status, showcasing how many points users are accumulating from their invites. Simultaneously, the LEADERBOARD offers a global view of user points and ranks, combining all activities at WarpGate. Both pages refresh and synchronize every hour, providing real-time updates on participants’ cosmic journey.

Warp Points Unveiled

Warp Points, the cosmic currency of the WarpGate ecosystem, are a bridge to the upcoming $WARP token airdrop. These points accumulate during the Testnet and will convert to $WARP tokens during the token launch. The tokenomics, conversion rates, and specific details will be communicated before the launch.

Earning Warp Points — A Cosmic Adventure

Warp Points can be earned through various activities:

  • Trading Volume (TV): For every $1 worth of trade, participants accumulate 1 Warp Point. The more active the trading, the brighter the cosmic chart.

**$1 = 1 Point (Refresh every hour at the Leaderboard)

  • Total Value Locked (TVL): Daily snapshots of liquidity pool TVL reward participants with fresh Warp Points Multipliers every 24 hours. Daily random time snapshots of liquidity pool TVL reward you with fresh 0.1 Warp Points Multipliers, amplifying your cosmic journey.

**$1 = 0.1 Point (Refresh every 24 hours at the Leaderboard)

Referral Network — A Bonus Fiesta

Building a Referral Network unlocks bonus possibilities:

  • Direct Invites Bonus: +50% bonus on the Warp Points earned by direct invites.
  • Secondary Invites Bonus: +25% bonus when secondary invites join the cosmic journey.

Warp Points Accumulation

Not all Warp Points earned during the Testnet will transfer to Mainnet. Points from activities like swapping, providing liquidity, and referrals using testnet tokens won’t pass to Mainnet.

However, daily check-in points will persist, and consecutive check-ins provide additional Warp Points. Each day brings new opportunities to accumulate Warp Points, but the path to substantial rewards requires consistent commitment.

Testnet Incentives

Participants who successfully connect to the Testnet and invite three friends will receive 500 Warp Points at the Mainnet launch. To qualify, you need to acquire the OG role title at the WarpGate discord community.

Secure Your OG Role in the Cosmic Ranks!

  1. Connect to the Testnet.
  2. Invite Three Friends using your unique invitation link.
  3. Achieve Three Total Referrals.

Fill in the OG Role Form

  • To claim your OG Role on the WarpGate official Discord community, fill in the Google Form provided below. This step ensures that you receive the recognition and perks associated with your cosmic achievements.

Transfer to Mainnet:

  • Only daily check-ins and the OG role ensure Warp Points transfer to Mainnet.
  • Other points generated during Testnet remain exclusive to the Testnet environment.

WarpGate Launchpad AAAS Preview

Get ready for the Launchpad Auction as a Service (AAAS) at the Mainnet launch. Participants can open their auction pool, experience innovative auction styles, and participate in token launches from day one.

Conclusion and Next Steps

In summary, the Testnet offers a glimpse into the cosmic future of WarpGate. Participants can earn Warp Points, unlock referral bonuses, and contribute to the Total Value Locked. The Testnet will close on January 25, 12:00 pm UTC, allowing the team to address feedback and enhance the platform.

Join us in shaping the GameFi and DeFi cosmos. Stay tuned for the Mainnet launch, where the real adventure begins!

Appendix: Smooth Sailing through Testnet Swaps — Troubleshooting Tips

Encountering errors during swaps on the Testnet can be common, often due to the need to manually set gas fees in advanced mode. To troubleshoot, access advanced gas settings when initiating a swap, set gas prices manually, adjust gas limits if applicable, and meticulously review transaction details. After configuration, initiate the transaction, bearing in mind that Testnet transactions may take a bit longer.

If issues persist, visit the WarpGate Discord community, navigate to the support channel, and open a ticket detailing your problem for assistance.

WarpGate Community and Social Channel

Website: https://warpgate.pro/
X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/WarpGateX
Discord Community: https://discord.gg/warpgate
TG Community: https://t.me/WarpGateCommunity
TG Announcement Channel: https://t.me/WarpGateOfficial
Medium: https://medium.com/@warpgate2024
Gitbook: https://docs.warpgate.pro/




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