I quite fancy doing some Light Carpentry. The skills required will come to me, apparently. In the third week of recovery from a heart attack I should be able to tackle some Light Carpentry. It’s the old Tampax joke. You’ll be able to swim, roller skate and run like the wind after buying a box of sanitary towels.

I never really got the gag until my long suffering partner giggled at the prospect of me measuring twice and cutting once. The helpful, if dated, literature handed out to aid cardiac rehab encourages a slow return to normality. My Dad was a Carpenter and never had a heart attack. He’s never had a computer either. He’s fit of mind and body. “All things in moderation, Sonner”, an old Saw but one I’m finally coming to terms with.

Dear Reader, if you have immoderate tendencies please heed the moral of my tale. Forsake the Sofa, put away the Bottle, ditch the Smokes and brush up your Light Carpentry skills. You’re gonna need them whether you like it or not.

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