Limits imposed on my account because of good sales!

I am an eBay seller. You always hear about making extra income by selling things on eBay. This is true, but what they don’t tell you is that if you show any signs of success they will impose limits of sales revenues and listing limits on your account.

I have been selling here and there on eBay since 2003. Mostly collectable items but the variety changes all the time. Sometimes I have things that sell in minutes, days, or the item may sit there for months. But usually whatever I list will sells eventually. Here is a link to my store so you can see what I am talking about. http://stores.ebay.com/WARRENS-MERCANTILE?_rdc=1

In the past couple of years I have increased sales to about $4000 per year. Some months better then others. Believe it or not I can buy hard to find items at retailers and sell them for a profit. Yes Walmart is one of them. I always look everywhere. If I see something I may want I search completed listings on eBay for that item real quick on my phone and if I can make a buck I will buy it. Not only retailers but garage sales, thrift stores and places like that.

On Sunday I noticed a new shipper of some new Star Wars figures at Walmart. So I looked one of them up and there was one sale on eBay for $50. That action figure on the shipper was $6.94. So I grabbed all of the one figure and went to check out. When the clerk scanned it it said sale not allowed. They said it must be a recall. I told them bullshit, it is brand new. There hasn’t been enough time to have a recall. I said they needed to take it off the floor if they weren’t going to sale them. They assured me they would. So I left pissed.

The next morning I went back and the shipper was still there. I had researched the other figures and some were selling for upwards of $200. So I went up to customer service and asked for a manager. I walked her over to the shipper and explained to her what happened yesterday. So she scanned the shelf price tag and it went through. She then scanned the figure and it still shows sale not allowed. I said either sell me them or take them off the floor because it wasn’t right for her to have them on her stores floor and no one could buy them. She had no explanation on why the scanners weren’t picking them up.

She said grab what you want and we will sell them to you. I grabbed about $200 worth and went up front with her. She told the cashier the price to charge and I got them. Well a couple hours later after all of them sold on eBay for about $1000 I went back. I asked her if I could still get some and she asked me why I didn’t get all I wanted before. I said if you let me get more I will buy them all. That opened her eyes. I went back over there and grabbed all of them. Spent about $500.

As of Sunday I sold most of the figures for about $3500. I then learned that the release date for those figures was September 4th. But in the end I had product that really wasn’t supposed to be available yet. I was just going with the flow.

On Monday I received an email from EBAY. THIS IS WHAT IT READS.

eBay eBay sent this message to Myers, Warren (warren9303) Important message from eBay Trust and Safety
Hello warren9303
This message is to notify you that in order to assist you in building a strong foundation for future transactions on eBay, we have placed a selling limit for your listing activity. These limits are not in place as a consequence, rather as a preventative measure to help our seller’s keep from becoming overwhelmed with large increases in account activity.
Many members already have limits placed on their account. Account limits allow us to learn about your selling activity and make sure you’re adhering to our selling practices policy and performance standards. Limits vary by seller and can change over time.
During this time, we want to confirm you are continuing your positive history by ensuring you are keeping focused on creating great transactions for your customers. Doing so will greatly increase the chances of an ongoing successful eBay business and help to avoid any future account issues that may arise. These limits will allow you to continue selling while also allowing us to monitor your incoming Feedback, Detailed Seller Ratings, and any customer complaints. Please understand that the actions we have taken do not mean your account performance is not good, but we do this to help all eBay sellers further improve their selling history and account performance.
Because you are doing well at selling at these volumes, you should not hit your selling limit unless you dramatically increase your sales. However, if you do wish to grow your business, we will gradually increase your limit as you show that you are able to successfully handle the higher sales volume. The selling limit on your account is based on the number and dollar amount of open (active) items and successfully sold items per calendar month.
You can now sell up to 250 items monthly or up to $7,500.00 monthly.
(Keep in mind that this includes multiple quantity listings which can greatly influence this number.)
If you do reach one of these amounts during the course of a month you will be unable to list additional items or increase the price or quantity of your active items until some of your items end without a winning bidder or until the 1st of the next calendar month, (If you are still exceeding the selling limit at the first of the next calendar month your selling activity will continue to be blocked.)
We believe that your limit is flexible enough to allow you to sell any current items and is in accordance with the volume you may have listed in the past. If you do reach the selling limit on your account and want to increase your sales, please work within the amount for at least 30 days. Once that time frame has expired on 9/18/2015, please reply to this message and we will conduct a review to see if adjustments are appropriate.
We hope that you will use this selling limit to your advantage and focus on succeeding with your current sales. We value you as a seller and hope to work with you in order to continue to establish a strong selling history and successful business relationship. It is in our best interest to help our sellers succeed so that we can have a positive trading environment and eliminate bad buying experiences on the site.

What a way to promote success. Like they are trying to help a person. I have 100% feedback and never had any problems.