Out of Order

I have always found it interesting to observe people as they encounter anything with an out of order status. Its as if the status alters from ‘out of order’ to an immediate inconvenience. Whether it be a vending machine or an ATM, the out of order sign directly communicates to people that they need to find an alternative solution, ‘inconveniently’. The theme of ‘inconvenience’ surrounding the ‘out of order’ encounters that we have all come across are rarely discussed, especially to that of an escalator. Have you ever witnessed an individual approach an escalator while its not in order to the extent that it should be? Immediate confusion strikes that individual while they ponder the inconvenience of the stair case standing in front of them. You will often notice many people turn around and look for an alternative solution, whether that be a ‘working’ escalator or something else. Escalators have distinct infrastructural qualities that provide usability even when ‘out of order’. Keep in mind, the amount of people that are struck with confusion and astonishment when they realize an escalator is not working, forget to realize that escalators are capable of providing the same usefulness while out of order. This could be the reason why only once in a blue moon do we find an escalator with an ‘out of order’ sign blocking its usability.