Warren, why does it scare you that someone does not share your views?
Birdy Daniel

birdy daniel, divergence of views doesn’t scare me. I was replying to a comment that suggested that LGBT folks have nothing to worry about with Trump. With Pence, who is an advocate of conversion therapy and the advocacy of Evangelical Christians, and now with the appointment of Bannon, they do have concern. I’m Christian, formerly Catholic and friends from pretty much every faith. And, unless I’ve misunderstood their position, certain Evangelical communities are very opposed to homosexuality, gay rights and especially gay marriage. So, my point was they do have reason to be afraid. Gay folks in Rochester had their rainbow flags, which were attached to their homes, lit aflame. They could have lost their homes and possibly lives.

I’m not going to be replying to anymore on this thread as there seems to be little progress to be made. But I offer one last thought since we touched on Christianity. There is a bit of Christian history that is not discussed much. Emperor Constantine made Christianity the religion of Rome. What is less known is that his grandson attempted to revert to Paganism. In a letter to one of his priests, he complained that the biggest obstacle to his plan was Christian kindness.

Christians welcomed those not like them. They helped others, though they were different. People were swayed not by preaching, but by the lived example of those who practiced the faith. That kind of unprecedented outreach of love, kindness, compassion and respect to others entering the restaurant, to use your metaphor, is what allowed Christianity to flourish and spread. Those early Christians didn’t want people to eat at another restaurant.

When you say axiomatically that there is danger in inviting polarizing cultures to mix freely, that feels to me that the concept of neighbor in “Love thy neighbor” is being more narrowly construed than originally intended. I don’t think Jesus ever suggested to love others as long as there is no danger. My understanding is that His model was to stay consistent with the value of love even though it may cost you everything.

This whole thread has been a bit depressing as it was initiated by what seemed to be a very simple request: Ask the new leader to use his influence to help vulnerable people be and feel safe. That’s it.

It doesn’t matter whether other people have failed to do it. It doesn’t matter if other people are doing bad things. You can advocate about those things as well. They aren’t mutually exclusive. But when an entire freshman class is joined to a group called Lynchin’ Niggers; when a woman is threatened with fire for wearing a scarf over her hair; when a teacher says to black students that he’ll have them sent back to Africa; when a black doll is hung by the neck in a campus elevator; when an Asian woman is hit with an egg, called a chink and told to go home; when Muslim children are asking their teachers if they are going to be killed; when these things happen and people are more concerned with criticizing Hillary or the media than making their fellow citizens feel safe…well…like the comedian Hasan Minhaj said, “You may not hate me, but you don’t care about me.”

Love Thy Neighbor.

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