We had 2 very flawed candidates relative to women’s rights and human rights.
ebt ford

EBT ford. I’m not sure how asking the person in a position to do something to actually do so is the same as blaming him or ignoring her. As Jessica, who wrote the original article has noted, Hillary is finished. This has nothing to do with her. This whole discussion was about asking non-racist Trump supporters to ask Trump to speak out forcefully against some pretty awful things being done in his name. That’s it. Full stop. It’s not about who did what; it’s about who will do what. Whether justified or not, whether it came from Trump, his surrogates, Trump detractors of the media, the reality is that bad things are happening and people are afraid. He is in a position to do something about it. And all Jessica and I have asked is, if you care about those people who are being hurt and who are terrified, ask him to rally against it. And that will take more than saying “Stop it” once on 60 minutes. Even if absolutely every awful thing ever said about Hillary Clinton is 100% true, it remains true that Trump is the leader. He’s proven himself a skillful persuader. Have him use those skills to allay very real fears that are being shown valid everyday.

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