Voted for Trump? I have only one plea.

Why are people being so defensive about this? Jessica has not excused Hillary for anything. She’s not blaming you. She is a fellow citizen asking for help. Look at @ShaunKing on Twitter and see some of the awful things happening. They are happening. It’s real. It’s not left wing sensitivity. Children are being hurt. People are being intimidated. Rainbow flags on porches have been lit aflame. A black doll was hung by the neck on an elevator. Latino kids stopped from entering their school by a line of white classmates. Why do you feel the need to wring some admission from her that Hillary was bad as a precondition to voicing opposition to something that is happening now? Jessica is merely asking you to use your voice, that you clearly have the time to use by criticizing her, to ask the President-elect to condemn these actions. If you care about the country and world; if you don’t want to see divisions, and fear and hatred, then ask the new leader of the free world to clearly proclaim that it is wrong. And at this stage, it’s irrelevant whether you think Hillary or Obama or Bill or Wilson Woodrow started it. The issue is who is going to step up to stop it now. There are demons none of us want out of the box.