Nov 5, 2015 · 3 min read

“I say, if life offers you a new beginning, take it.” — Bernard Chenowith

Consider the following:

you’re at the bottom of a deep and dark hole. As you look up to the top of the hole, you see your family and friends calling for you: giving you words of encouragement, and support. This is something called “sympathy.” Your family and friends understand how you’re feeling in the hole, but they don’t understand..not as much as the person who’s beside you, inside that very same hole, what [s]he experiences something called “empathy,” because they share the same perspective of the world as you from that hole.

I share this quote because in my life — something is about to change. Before you jump at me and think that Stephanie and I are having a kid, it’s nothing like that — I promise. But, it is something I’ve never really experienced, and it’s going to be happening sooner than I initially thought. Sometime, and sometime soon, I’m going to be leaving the comfortable surroundings that I call home; but only for a while.

For those that know me personally, most of you know that there is only really one specific field of study I’m interested in. Chances are, you’d also know that that field can only be studied in a certain city here in Ontario, and that city isn’t where I live. After talking about it for a while, and careful planning; Stephanie and I have decided that if I wish to pursue this,[which I do..more than anything] it’s time to make a decision: a decision that won’t just affect me, but us as a married couple. Surely, if you’ve read this far, you probably already know what’s going to happen, and it scares the hell out of me. but, it also leaves me excited for something new.

The plan is that I’m going to leave for this college-based schooling, and when it’s the course itself is done — in eight months and then an internship back in my home city— I’ll be back home: to my wife, my family, my familiar surroundings, and everything I’ve ever known and loved. It’ll be difficult doing something so different, and even more difficult being away from the ones I love, but thankfully; eight months is not that long. Not to mention, Skype is a thing that will become my new best friend.

My grandfather and I have been in the process of filling the requirements for the course [one of which is a 300 word essay explaining why I want to be in this specific field] and plan to have everything done by the end of the month [to meet the February 1st deadline] If everything goes well, it should be a-go for next September in 2016. [making the course go from September to April, plus one year — that will hopefully turn into a full time job — of an internship in the field]

Anyway, that’s what you missed from my brain this week. Hopefully, things pan out as they are beginning to be planned, and soon; “the times, they are a-changing.”


— Warren


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