8 Brutal Truths about Millennials that Determine The Success of Every Business
Richie Norton

There is alot to like about this article, but it reflects for me a very small, privilege portion of people in the Millennial age range. Not everyone has had education, connections and social conditioning frankly that make this kind of complete, take over the world mentality possible. Not everyone is a project manager in a big city. Most of the people in big cities aren’t project managers in a big city. Locals and local mentalities are the majority of people on earth and in this country and their perspective matters and is meaningful.

When it comes right down to it, the adage that gain is about hard work or exploitation, take your pick, still applies. If the expectation is that you should be paid and get accumulates for your own god given fabulousness, be careful. You may be exploiting people that are actually doing the creating through difficult but necessary “Pre-Millennial” means and not even realize it.

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