Following up with our last post I thought of writing a piece on the IB registration process on Coinexx. But firstly, let’s give you a heads-up on what this program entails.

The Coinexx Introducing Broker Program is an interesting scheme to earn additional income by way of becoming a partner and referring clients and sub-affiliates to Coinexx. For every trade executed by the clients referred by you, you receive up to 50% of the commission generated through their trades. Let’s have a quick glimpse at what makes this program so rewarding:

· User friendly IB client portal which is extremely easy to navigate

· A plethora of promotional tools for marketing and drawing in more clients

· Favorable commission structure with no restrictions on withdrawals

· Top-of-the-line customer support that you can get in touch with anytime during the working days.

Now, let’s cut to the chase. As with all its other procedures Coinexx has kept its registration process as easy as you can imagine. It’s very effortless as you’ll see. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to register for their IB program and going about their client portal.


1. Log on to .

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll see a section by the name of “Affiliate”. Right under this will be a link to “IB”. It has been highlighted in blue for your reference.

3. Click on this link and you will be taken directly to their IB page as shown below.

From here on the registration process begins.


  1. Click on the “Get Your Referral Link” button to start the registration process. You’ll be led to this page.

2. Fill in the required details — your name, email ID, phone number, password and country.

3. Once you are done with step no. 2 click on “Sign Up”.

4. After clicking on “Sign Up” you’ll be asked to verify your email address. An email will be sent to you with the verification code to your inbox. Just type the code into the “Activation Code” field and your registration will be COMPLETE!

See how easy-peasy that is?! Thereafter you’ll see this page on your screen which is the “IB Client Portal Area


Starting from the top left-hand corner is the “Dashboard” otherwise known as the client portal area. This page will display all the relevant details at a glance. These are:-

Registrations- This is the number of clients that have been referred by you who have registered themselves with Coinexx

Customer- The number of clients that have funded their live accounts appears here

Open Withdrawals — This shows the number of withdrawal requests that have not been processed yet.

Without Live Account — Displays the number of customers that have not opened a live account yet

Incomplete Registration — This one needs no explanation!

Passive leads — Customers who have not actively operated their accounts and don’t show any active response are marked as passive leads here.

There are three main buttons that provide further access to the rest of the portal. These are “IB Tools”, “Client Details” and “PAMM Resources” buttons and have been highlighted in the given image as 1, 2 and 3 respectively.


This is the second button from left and has been highlighted in red. When you click on it a pop-down menu will appear with the following options:-

i. Commission Report: In order to get details of commission earned you need to select this option from the drop-down menu. It will lead you to a page with all the details of commission earned for the present month, commission due and the total commission earned. Other details shall include the username of the client along with their email ID, deposits, withdrawals and commission earned through their trading activities.

ii. Referral Links: This page lists out referral links for Coinexx Home Page, Registration page and Promotions page. All the clients that register with Coinexx through your link will be marked out under you.

iii. Marketing Material: This is the third option in the drop-down menu. Coinexx provides a host of promotional instruments that you can use to get more clients like banners, logos and landing pages. This page allows you to view all these tools.


In order to get all the details about your clients’ activities you can click on this button which is third from left (highlighted in green) on the topmost section. A drop-down menu listing 4 options will appear on the screen.

i. Clients: Get all the client details here including their first and last names, email, phone no., and country, reporting manager, stage of the client, status — whether verified or not, and date.

ii. Trading Account: This will show all the client accounts along with their email, trading IDs, type, leverage, currency and platform.

iii. Deposits: This section lists out all the payment history of your clients and you to enable you to keep a track of them. You can search clients through their first and /or last name, email ID or phone number. A list of all the clients and their payment activities will appear with lead, payments mode, currency, and amount, date on which payment was made and status- whether verified, rejected or accepted.

iv. Withdrawals: Similar to deposits (payments) this section will display details of clients’ withdrawals including the gateway.


On the far right of the top of the page, circled in blue, is the “Welcome Back Admin” button which you can click on to view your profile, change your password or logout of your account.

So guys this was all about registering for Coinexx IB program and navigating the IB Client Portal. Hope you found the process easy and simple because it actually is!