BernieCrats now hold seats in all 50 states!

NOTE: ALL these maps are subject to change based on incoming data! If you know of any inaccuracies or any changes in leadership, let me know and I will change the maps!

First, a definition: A BernieCrat is a politician or candidate, from any party or no party, who took Bernie Sanders’ June 2016 advice to run on his platform and “continue the Revolution from the ground up.” Some of them may not mean to follow through on that platform, and be considered “fake BernieCrats” by some. The distinction between which are “real” or “fake” depends on who is looking, and I pretty much included both in these maps. I included all politicians or candidates endorsed by either Our Revolution, Democratic Socialists of America, Vermont Progressive Party, Green Party, #DemEnter (which Bernie personally endorsed), or by Bernie himself, or more than one of those. My estimate is that about 5% of Our Revolution candidates and 15% of DemEnter candidates are what I would call “fake Berniecrats.” So do your own research, especially in Washington State, Nevada, Michigan and Colorado. But we’re still doing amazingly no matter how you count it!

FEDERAL BernieCrats: These are BernieCrats elected to US Senate (Bernie and Merkley) or US Congress (There are 11!)

Federal BernieCrats!

State Legislative BernieCrats: These are BernieCrats elected to State Senate and State Legislature! There are 214 so far!!

State Legislative BernieCrats!

Municipal BernieCrats: These are BernieCrats who were elected as Mayor, City Council, School Board or other citywide/townwide office. There are 122!

Municipal BernieCrats!

BernieCrat State Chairs: Here is a map of what states have BernieCrat State Chairs, and which states TRIED to elect one, but didn’t succeed! We have won 60% of the time!

BernieCrat State Chairs!

BernieCrats in DNC seats: DNC seats are some of the hardest things to take over, but we’re STILL doing it! Check it out! 26 so far!

BernieCrat DNC members!

BernieCrats on the State Committees: Every state has a State Committee (some states call it a State Central Committee) which elects DNC members and does other things to run the Democratic Party in the state. These seats are crucial to flipping the DNC. And we’ve taken a TON of them over!

BernieCrat State Committees and State Central Committees!

BernieCrat county-level takeovers: (or town/city level in highly populated states like Massachusetts) This is the TRUE grassroots takeover of the Democrats! YOUR town, city or county has a Democratic Town Committee, Democratic City Committee, or County Democratic Committee which YOU can join and vote on! They’re all open to the public! In some redder towns there will only be a Democratic Town CLUB, or even none at all, but if there’s none, YOU are legally allowed to start one! Here’s what we’ve done so far!

BernieCrat county takeovers!

Summary: Here are all the maps put together in one map!

BernieCrat State Party takeovers!!

Again, let me know if I should make any adjustments! And #BernOn!

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