Bias is a preconceived judgement or prejudice.
Steve McGrath

trump has had a long history in the public eye. I thought decades ago that he was nothing but a blowhard. The more I saw of him, the more my poor opinion was reinforced. The guy is a disgrace as measured by any objective standard, and always has been so. By your argument, a negative view of him that predates his candidacy that is based on observation is not bias at all. It is an objective judgment that this man has exactly zero redeeming value. How so, you may ask? He has repeatedly demonstrated that he is a pig of a man, bigoted, supremely ignorant of the world, immature, misogynistic, narcissistic, only marginally literate, probably ADHC, entitled, boorish, a sexual creeper, bullying, grossly dishonest in his business dealings (no matter that he has gotten away with it), a liar beyond compare, a denier of reality and objective fact, a braggart, entirely lacking in empathy and prone to incite violence in others. He has other faults as well, but I do not wish to wander into his personal life. By your argument, because my conclusions are based on observation of factual events, this is not bias. I agree with your argument. That long list of failings is observable fact. And it is also a fact that were it not for these failings, he would still not be the guy I would choose to lead the nation. Because I cannot stand his voice or his mannerisms or his small hands or his orange fake tan with gray skin around his eyes, his bad hair, his smirk, and his ridiculous long ties. Those things I will grant you may be bias. In this case, I will indulge my bias. He is unfit for any public office. This is fact.

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