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When you’re listening to a great audiobook or podcast, it’s like you’re spending time with a friend. Engaging audio can turn even the most mundane tasks, like driving to work or folding laundry, into sought-after activities.

I discovered audiobooks when I was a teenager — way back when they were called “books on tape” — and I’ve been a fan of spoken-word audio ever since. Today, about 90 million Americans regularly listen to podcasts, and, like the three-quarters who do so primarily to “learn new things,” I love audio that teaches me about our ever-changing world.

As a first-generation American whose parents came to the states with little more than dreams of a better life, I’ve seen firsthand how access to great teachers can transform someone’s trajectory. And, as the pace of change in our economy accelerates, I believe that high-quality education and lifelong learning is more important than ever. …

Vidme came a long way as an independent platform, but we couldn’t find a path to sustainability. We’re building something new.

UPDATE: Vidme was acquired by Giphy, and its mission of empowering independent video creators lives on as part of the Giphy platform!

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Art by Vidme creator Pegbarians

After careful consideration, the Vidme team has arrived at the difficult decision to suspend the Vidme site and apps. We’ll use this blog post to explain what this means for users, how we got here, and what’s next for us.

What this means for users

  • New sign-ups and uploads will be disabled effective today.
  • Existing videos will be playable and exportable from your video manager until December 15th at noon PT, at which point they will be permanently deleted from the Vidme servers.
  • All paid channel subscripitions will be suspended immediately, and subscriber-only videos will be exclusively accessible by their video owners. …

A couple of weeks ago we published a blog post highlighting the problems with an ad-supported revenue model for video creators. TL;DR: 1.) most ads suck, 2.) most creators don’t make much money from ads, and 3.) quantity of views is rewarded over quality.

This week, Vidme took a big step forward in solving these problems by launching paid subscriptions.

Paid subscriptions on Vidme allow fans to directly support the creators they love, and we’re optimistic that a fan-supported revenue stream can breathe new life into the independent spirit of online videos and help empower the next generation of digital storytellers. …

Yesterday, YouTube tweeted this:

According to their post, “advertiser confidence on YouTube is critical to the financial success of creators.” While we know that advertiser confidence is critical to YouTube’s financial success, we don’t think it should be critical to the success of creators.

Vidme’s mission is to build the world’s most creator-friendly video community. To that end, we’re moving beyond the traditional ad-supported business model and focusing on new ways for creators to make money. This allows us to put creators’ needs ahead of advertisers’.

Here are some reasons why the current ad-supported internet model fails both fans and…


Warren Shaeffer

Co-founder and CEO @ Knowable

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