You should start a blog. You sure do have a lot to say.

I was going on and on how HBO shouldn’t have entered a certain series in a certain catergory (notice my discretion) at the 2014 Primetime Emmy awards to my grandmother, a few days back. After a seemingly long, awkward pause…stare off…thing, she stated the above quote. I ignored the quote and continued on my rant, but laying in bed at 1:45 in the morning I knew she had a point. So, I did what any other millenial would do. I googled “Best places to start a blog” and started researching. Take a look!

I searched thoroughly and hard to see what website deserves my attention, you know, because I’m a narcissist. $3 — 6 a month a.k.a. no. Way too many people, my voice will get lost. Big time no-no. Tumblr: I know way too many people on Tumblr. No. Then I saw Medium, and was like “eh, why not?” So, now it’s 3:37 in the morning and I’m popping my blogging cherry.

Anyway, I talk alot about TV, movies, music, award shows, to my family and friends alot, like a lot, a lot. So, now I have a MEDIUM (Ruh-roh. Saw what I did there?) to talk about the shit I want to talk about, and not get the “Why are you breathing near my face?” look. We all know those looks!

I won’t just talk about pop culture, my life will get thrown in the mix too and I’ll use this as an avenue of confession, of sorts. I’m a vessel of contradictions: Twenty-one year old recovering alcoholic. Black guy with the whitest voice you’ll ever hear. Chainsmoker who runs daily. An aspiring screenwriter who doesn’t own a computer, and whose second career choice would be teaching math. (Trust me there’s more, I just don’t want to give them all away now) I find myself in odd, yet entertaining situations all of the time. Whether its Philly crackhead encounters, sexual harrasment, racism, workplace pain in the ass….wait.


It’s kind of like Las Vegas, but, actually, not at all. As I was writing that last paragraph I started to get nervous. Really nervous. Am I up for this? Am I up to putting personal stories on the internet? THE INTERNET! I know I don’t have to, but as a writer I can’t ignore a good story, no matter the depths of it’s ugliness or beauty. I know it’s just and people probably won’t read any of this (which is the reason I picked it, for its low usership) but the idea of my stories, thoughts, concerns, whatever, being on the web scares me. It really should terrify everyone who blogs….

I’m sorry my (undiagnosed) ADD has taken the wheel. Anyway, I’ll soldier on and do it. It’ll be fun…right? You’ll be informed. You’ll laugh. You’ll be shocked. You’ll be confused, I don’t know. I’m excited to feel like Rev Run, in the last minutes of a Runs House episode. You know what I’m talking about, where he’s in the soapy bathtub, clicking away on his BlackBerry, dropping words of wisdom.

Blog is love,

War Ren

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