By Tona Gallardo, Liliana Savage, Chun-Wei Chiang

During the last few weeks in Mexico there have been discussions about the reduction of judges’, magistrates’, and judiciaries’ salaries; setting the amount of the president’s salary as a limit. This discussion caused controversy amongst the media and social media as well as amongst the law practitioners and the wider public. In this short blog post, we discuss the problem and discuss how Blockchain could be used to address the problem.

Background: Understanding the Judges’ Salary Problem in Mexico

The new president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, AMLO, wants to push his projects and agenda as soon as possible. He…

We were invited to participate in the panel discussion of How Blockchain Scales Global Health Innovation in Mongolia and Beyond held at the conference Blockchain 2019 in Washington D.C.

We were invited to participate in the panel discussion of How Blockchain Scales Global Health Innovation in Mongolia and Beyond held at the conference Blockchainge 2019 in Washington D.C.

The following is my notes of the crowdsourcing session in CSCW2018. The talks are about proposing new methods to solve existing questions by crowdsourcing, and also pointing out questions of existing crowdsourcing systems. There are 5 papers in this session.

CrowdIA: Solving Mysteries with Crowdsourced Sensemaking
Tianyi Li, Kurt Luther, Chris North
Virginia Tech

The paper aims to explore how to crowdsource the sensemaking process via a pipeline of modularized steps connected by clearly defined inputs and outputs. They provide CrowdIA, a system that facilitates the execution of the pipeline.

Their approach is using the large, novice and transient crowds…

“I accidentally killed it”, A $300 million worth of words

On this Thursday (Nov 7), a user named develops199 claimed “I accidentally killed it”, and lock down numbers of digital wallets which contains $300M worth ether.

This story tells us that we have to be very careful when developing smart contract on the blockchain, especially it is valued at $300M.

So, how would it happen?

Multisignature Wallets

We should start from how to make ether disappear. As we known, ethereum wallets consist of address and private key. Address is similar to your email address. You can publish it to the public…

Ðapp is the abbreviated form of decentralized application, whose backend code is running on p2p(peer-to-peer) network. In this article, we focus on the Ðapp run on Ethereum network (if you want to know more about ethereum, you can read the previous post). A Ðapp consists of two part:

Frontend provides a user interface

Backend executes the computation and storage.

Ðapp Architecture

There are several methods to deploy Ðapp/smart contract. You can learned how to deploy smart contracts to the private network through truffle in the previous post. You will learn how to use web3.js …

Ethereum becomes popular because of smart contracts. People who start their first smart contract on the ethereum network would be confused in various tools and languages. This is the tutorial for build the first smart contracts from the scratch. I would use solidity, testRPC, Truffle in this tuition.

Solidity is an object-oriented language for writing smart contracts on various blockchain platform. The article talks about how to setup solidity environment on Ubuntu and run your first smart contract on test environment step by step.

  1. Install TestRPC

When you developing your smart contracts, you would not want to deploy your dapp…

The market cap of Ethereum, which is often called Bitcoin 2.0, peaked at $1.5 billion dollars in Jun 2016, becoming the biggest cryptocurrency except for Bitcoin. Ethereum was initially proposed in late 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, a cryptocurrency researcher and programmer. Development was funded by an online crowd-sale during July–August 2014.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is not only one kind of cryptocurrency but also an implement of crowdsourcing. Designers can create their applications on the blockchain, and every node in the Ethereum network helps to execute and supervise the application. Designers only need to pay a little to the nodes.

Chun-Wei Chiang

I am a graduate student in Computer Science at West Virginia University. Recently, I research about the potential of Blockchain Technology.

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